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  • Taking liberty with the truth is like taking a bite out of an apple; it is no longer whole and is no longer suitable to be passed on to another.

  • At times, it does seem that life’s a stage; however, the audience is restricted to critics,

  • Although 10% of an iceberg is above the ocean’s surface, we know that the other 90% is below even if it is never seen. As it is with knowledge also, except it is very doubtful if we can “see” even 1% of what is knowable and nothing of that which is unknowable.

  • An idea is like a new road ahead; although it may be our first time to travel it, it would be surprising if we were the first to do so.

  • Mankind’s greatest delusion is its belief in its significance in and to he Universe.

  • It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; but much knowledge is also dangerous; both depend on who lacks or possesses the knowledge, whether little or large.

  • The argument that goes- “What would the world be like if everyone acted like you?” misses an important point, that being oneself will never cause an appreciable number of imitators, let alone the whole world.

  • There are a few things in life we can control, and even more that we can only influence; but, there are far more things that affect us of which we are unaware, and even more that affect us that are unknowable, and therefore we can’t even influence.

  • Innocence cannot be held as a virtue unless there was ample opportunity to be otherwise.

  • The concept of justice creates dilemmas in application. It is said that it is better to not convict ten criminals than convict one innocent person; but suppose that one of those ten is a mass-murder that has killed dozens and will kill dozens more before being tried in court again? Is one innocent person convicted worth more than the lives of dozens?

  • It is not kindness to be kind to those that choose to take advantage of the kindness of others as it is also not kind to offer a tiger a piece of meat with one’s hands.

  • Knowledge is any statement that accurately describes that which exists; all other statements are mere assumptions. Much of what we call knowledge will also turn out to have been assumptions.

  • The most important things to learn when young are the pitfalls and successes of those that have traveled the road that we will someday.

  • The judgments that we tend to make, day to day, are little more than disguised expressions as to whether we like or dislike something. Whereas a judgment often causes another to believe that some feature of the judged is the true source of the judgment.

  • Love is the strongest persistent positive emotion that we have regarding anything real or imaginary.

  • The person that is unable to unlearn most of what was learned as a child is doomed to remain an ever-aging child.

  • There seems to be two kinds of people, those that believe that they exist and their bodies are their slaves, and those that believe that they exist and their minds are their slaves.

  • The greatest certainty about the next hundred years is that it will be materially different than any now believe.

  • It is said that we should be aware of that of which we are ignorant; but, how is it possible to know of those things, that surely exist, of which no one is aware?

  • Although knowledge is preferable to ignorance, ignorance is preferable to misinformation; and misinformation is preferable to lies.

  • “Logical” is the crown that each of us wears but seldom sees on another.


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