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  • When we go hunting for ego-satisfactions, our first prey is often the truth.

  • Many love their country like new-born piglets love their mother’s teats.

  • Necessity may be the mother of invention, but that doesn’t mean that the child will survive to fulfill the mother.

  • The individual that basis success on luck, is already predisposed to failure.

  • Luxury can bind with a velvet chain that few would remove.

  • Lying is to escape from the bondage of truth, and once escaped, one is seldom recaptured.

  • It is a gift to love another, but which benefits the most?

  • The chronic liar is handicapped in this world by never believing those that tell him the truth.

  • We play the game of life hoping that we will win, but finally the light reveals that the opponent is our self.

  • We are seldom at ease in our ignorance; in order to set ourselves at ease, we develop all kinds of theories, few of which will ever be shown to be even approximations of “what is”.

  • Any that claim humility have shown that humility to be adulterated.

  • Love shrivels on a diet of neglect.

  • When we exert any kind of control over another to their detriment, we call that manipulation; but isn’t it also a kind of manipulation when we do the same thing for their benefit?

  • The most basic lesson, in acquiring wisdom, is to avoid doing anything when it seems likely that one will eventually regret the act.

  • It is impossible for a happy marriage, and perhaps any marriage, to endure when each party wants to go in different directions; this would be like a team of horses, pulling a wagon, but deciding to go their separate ways.

  • To hold a successful martyrdom, one must first determine if the majority cares about the cause.

  • Meditation is a kind of spelunking of one’s own head.

  • In watching a movie, that was watched long ago, some things are remembered that seem insignificant and other things are forgotten that seem significant; this must mean something about us individually, but what?


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Page 103 of  139

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