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  • All individuals want something to look forward to, and usually that something is outside of themselves; one of the great discoveries in living is to find that what can be looked forward to is that which we can continually discover within ourselves that needs no assistance from that which is outside of us.

  • To be blinded is to be made unable to see. But, that doesnít mean that anything needs to happen to our eyes as we can be just as blinded by darkness; in much the same way, we are so often blinded in our beliefs by the absence of the enlightenment of knowledge.

  • Through most of our lives, what we are has been carefully hidden behind a locked gate, a gate that parents, education, religion, our peers, and on occasion even ourselves have added new locks. Fortunately, the locks are all within our minds and are easily unlocked by questioning every belief that we hold to be absolute. One by one, the locks will drop off of the gate and one can become free again.

  • The gift of life is placed into our hands, yet like water, it will be lost if clutched tightly; also like water, the gift can sustain those that thirst when life is shared.

  • Even though we discover ourselves, we are not in a constant state; rather we are as a construction site, constantly in a state of becoming something different than just the day before.

  • Certain philosophical messages often mean nothing to us because we arenít ready for them as yet; in much the same way, our needs for different foods change from infancy to old age. We would not expect someone at any age to consume, at one time, all of the food that will be consumed in that lifetime; we would also not expect someone to absorb all of the philosophy that will be absorbed in a lifetime at one time either. One absorbs philosophy only as the appetite for that portion arrives. This is one reason that philosophy is more developed with aging even though there are many that are aged that are nearly devoid of any philosophical leanings.

  • Oneís cleverness is often expressed by remaining silent while fools rave.

  • Satisfactions of all kinds are temporary and lead eventually to the need for further satisfactions; this is true for our most basic physical needs as well as the needs of our inner-selves. Wisely, these last satisfactions are awaited with patience as impatience or urgency disrupts their finding. These satisfactions seem to unfold in their own times; all that is needed is patience and direction towards what lies within that is satisfying until the next step is needed.

  • Newtonís first law of motion seems to work well with things other than matter; a mind in motion tends to remain in motion and in the same direction; a mind at rest tends to remain at rest.

  • The world has many that would rather die clinging to a falsehood than to live with the truth.

  • Those that are indifferent are like prison wardens that never lock their cells, they donít care if their prisoners remain, and they also donít care if they leave to harm again; indifference is like neutrality taken to the level of absurdity.

  • Reason and emotion exist as two distinct facilities in humans, and are beautiful when pure, but when mixed, they become toxic to our communications and to our personal fulfillments.

  • It is easy to be so caught up in achieving and acquiring those things that our culture says that we should that we completely overlook achieving our own inner-development and overlook gaining the insights into ourselves that are necessary for inner-fulfillment. Failing to do so is why so many feel emptiness within.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 103 of  161

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