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  • Narcissism is usually thought of in regard to our bodies; but where it is most common of all is in our beliefs.

  • Itís hard to say exactly what nature is, but itís nice to have around.

  • If one wants to discover the meaning of life, there is only one certain place to find it, - the dictionary.

  • Post hoc reasoning finds it most fertile ground in the popular beliefs as to what treatments produce cures.

  • It is curious that the average American believes himself to be superior to the average American.

  • Memories of youth are seldom objective; they are either all dressed up or made shabby depending on the emotional needs of the one that remembers.

  • Dogma is a full bag that is empty of evidence.

  • How are we to distinguish between a miser and one who is happy with little and wanting for no more than is already owned?

  • It is helpful to believe that every misfortune is a kind of blessing in disguise; but often that disguise is so good that we can never identify the wearer.

  • Monuments are evidence of mankindís futile efforts to perpetuate what can be only temporal. *

  • Morality, whether written in stone or enshrined by history, lives only in the mind, but is enforced outside of it and seldom within.

  • Each sorrow of a dayís passing is the joy of anotherís dawning.

  • Even in a case where a person confesses to a motive, the motive remains hypothetical.

  • A common myth is that the Universe is characterized by order; but the opposite is more accurate; it is mankind that is predisposed to discover order where there is little or none. This tendency requires us to imagine order to fill the vacuum in our understandings.

  • Although some of our beliefs are undoubtedly true, history tells us that few are. Unfortunately we are never furnished with a guide that tells us which beliefs are only imitations of the truth and which are not..

  • When we declare that there is nothing at any particular location, it is only because we have failed to look closely enough; this is the same as when we decide that there is nothing in what another says.

  • It is usually easy to recognize things that have become obsolete, but this is not so with our beliefs, even though so many are.

  • The opinions, which we hear over and over as children, wear ruts in the way we view the world and cripple our abilities to ever view things as they are. Facts are cold things, and we have little liking for them; that is the reason that most of our facts are warmed by the distortions in our beliefs about them.


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Page 103 of  131

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