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  • Obedience to power is slavery; obedience to reason is freedom.

  • Monuments are evidence of mankind’s futile efforts to perpetuate what can be only temporal.

  • Those that reject pity may do so for fear of being looked down on; but also they may reject pity because they haven’t given up on the possibility overcoming their condition on their own.

  • Is it a form of plagiarism when we take the beliefs of another and claim them as our own?

  • Pity the ostentatious because they greatly fear their minuteness in the eyes of others.

  • The tether between ethics and morality is elastic, and is often stretched to breaking.

  • Those that make the rules are those that best understand how to avoid them.

  • The mistakes of the past are all waiting in line to be reincarnated by the next generation.

  • Looking for a fault in another rarely fails in finding what was sought..

  • Mourning is roughly proportional to the kindnesses withheld until too late.

  • A principle that is violated is seldom made whole again.

  • To say only that we need something, is meaningless; it is like saying that a smile exists without a face. Unless it is said that something is needed, in order to do or have something, need has no face.

  • The negative monster, growing within each of us is nurtured by our ignoring the positive parts of life in the same way that darkness can consume the light in a deep abyss.

  • When we declare that there is nothing at any particular location, it is only because we have failed to look closely enough; this is the same as when we decide that there is nothing in what another says.

  • We can commit with our mouths what we deny with our minds.

  • It is easy to predict the future; the problems come when trying to do it accurately.

  • When a freedom dies, its obituary reads: “Died of neglect”.

  • When opportunity knocks next door, assume an error and call out to it.

  • When around some individuals, to speak at length is like sending up a series of clay-targets for a skeet-shooter.

  • Often, when one digs a grave for another, he fails to leave it.

  • When an excuse pulls up lame, put it out of its misery.


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Page 104 of  139

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