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  • The word “hobby” is very often just a word to disguise what is really an obsessive-compulsive-disorder.

  • It would be interesting to know if anything would be left within were we stripped of our delusions.

  • Discovering oneself is not an eureka moment; rather self-discovery is a lifelong process where little by little what we are trickles into our awareness. Thus we become more whole than we were but never completely whole as the complexities of our being can never be fully plumbed.

  • Some of us are like dust that is blown wherever the prevailing opinions blow, while some of us are like boulders that takes little notice of even the strongest winds of opinions, and thinks only—Well, perhaps.

  • It is sometimes said that someone was putty in another’s hand, yet what we are inside, is like putty in our own hands, where with time and concentration we can mold ourselves into whatever we idealize.

  • There is no total security this side of our graves; life is accompanied with risk, and every moment of life is filled with varying degrees of it.

  • We think of coded messages as being used to communicate in secret, however most of our thoughts of the world have been coded into our minds and not nearly as objectively as we like to think; except for the most basic observations. What we perceive is filtered through a coding machine that is different for every individual. Because of this we encounter a range of opinions, that are expressed as observations, that differ enough that one would wonder if all saw the same thing.

  • Even though the cost of living keeps going up, it’s still a bargain.

  • The hermit crab is a soft-bodied crab that protects itself by living in another’s empty shell; as it grows, it must find an even larger shell for protection. In much the same way, many feel themselves vulnerable unless they assume the mantle of someone that seems strong; they repeat this as they grow older, always needing a different mantle that seems to afford protection. In this way they live a life of imitations scarcely ever letting others know them for what they really are, and eventually forgetting who they are in the process.

  • One should lead their life so that conscience only hums softly in the background.

  • Burning the candle at both ends is a metaphor for life being consumed by imprudent acts, but really when a candle burns at both ends most of the candle isn’t burned to produce additional light; rather the flame melts the wax, most of which drips onto the floor and is wasted, the same way as a life spent imprudently.

  • We should never think of ourselves an entity but rather as a work in progress, where one is constantly building oneself to fit an ideal that one has established and that one changes as the prior work is completed; in this way, one is always in transition towards ever changing ideals.

  • Experience is said to be the best teacher; this is usually said as a response to failure. But, it may be that experience is the only teacher when it comes to life, whether the experience is positive or negative, as books only give us expectations of what life is probably going to be; it is the experiences of life that teach us whether the books were trustworthy or not.

  • One should always ask oneself if something that is desired is needed for one’s happiness; if it isn’t, then one should wonder why it is sought. The greatest single source of human unhappiness in America lies in excessive desires of things that pose no possibility of happiness and perhaps their acquisition might produce the bondage of indebtedness.

  • Everyone should discover that it is possible to have euphoria through self-knowledge and the eventual fulfillments of our inner-selves without monetary costs of any kind, and also without withdrawal symptoms of any kind. Happily though, such euphoria can be just as habit-forming.

  • Our dreams, while asleep, usually bear little relationship to reality; our dreams, while awake, don’t have that luxury if we hope for them to ever be borne out by reality.

  • Most are only willing to face the music when it is music that they composed.

  • Each generation makes its own discoveries of wisdom which turns out to be a rewording of that which is often thousands of years old.

  • Our fears and desires descend like the webbing of a net within our being, thus making self-discovery and self-liberation only distant concepts to be praised by others.

  • We should never forget how enthusiastic are the ignorant and the young, enthusiasm that can very well defeat the rational and the old that tends to deliberate long before acting.

  • If we demand the best, we are likely to get it, especially if we start with ourselves.

  • Inferiority can be measured by the degrees that we fear to try.


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