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  • Violence, when used against those that have different beliefs, acts like a smelter and forge that turns bits of iron into a sword.

  • The skilled writer paints with words, that which can be seen, as well as that which can not be seen.

  • A common myth is that the Universe is characterized by order; but the opposite is more accurate; it is mankind that is predisposed to discover order where there is little or none. This tendency requires us to imagine order to fill the vacuum in our understandings.

  • Originality is the creation of something new made from that which is old, and which may only be new to us and not unique.

  • Sometimes, the pen is mightier than the sword, and sometimes it isnít; it all depends on who is doing the wielding.

  • Great wealth often permits individuals a way to self-destruct in the most expensive ways.

  • The only things that are perfect are those things where we ignore their imperfections.

  • Persuasion cannot be accomplished with a club, although agreement may be.

  • When we take what another has said and claim it for our own, we call that plagiarism; however when we imitate anotherís life and then claim it as our own, we call that role-modeling.

  • One of the great treasures of mankind is the individual that when told that something canít be done, sets off to prove that prophesy false.

  • Modest perseverance towards an end is most often more successful than the efforts of the strongest that donít endure.

  • Determining to do something, merely because there was a precedent, is a weak reason. Nearly every evil act has had a precedent and many of the benevolent acts that we might do may have no precedent.

  • Without knowing what the future may bring, we need to always be prepared to become prepared.

  • It is difficult to progress with our backs turned towards the future and with our focus on the past.

  • Often the mouth awakens while the mind slumbers.

  • Many a plan is detoured by the words of others that say that the plan wonít work. Many successes have come from not taking detours.

  • If one must have pride, it should be stored as a secret vice.

  • If when in Rome we should do as the Romans do; does that mean that when we are among the corrupt that we should do as the corrupted do?

  • Words like cash should be spent to provide for needs.

  • We are weakened and made vulnerable in rough proportion to the number of things that we attach ourselves to that we believe that we canít do without.

  • Repeated denials become a confession.

  • What was long ago denied us continues to move us like the point of a compass to the North.


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