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  • An agreement by two, broken by one, is an agreement to none.

  • Compliments cost nothing to give, but often cost a lot to receive.

  • A thoughtless word, just like a freshly laid egg, canít be taken back.

  • An isolated candle can lighten a darkened corner, or can be used to light other candles that could in turn enlighten the world.

  • The roving eye never strays far except with the body.

  • If we discover a chip on anotherís shoulder, we should check to see if it fell from just above.

  • A cock will crow loudly even on the morning that it will become the main course for dinner.

  • The embers, which are left in a fireplace, are preserved by its ashes in much the same way that determination will preserve the will to succeed even after many failures.

  • Think three times before loaning money to a lawyer.

  • Beware of those that have no hope.

  • A true miser is one who will keep his gold in his pocket even when falling into deep water.

  • Unhappiness is guaranteed if focusing on what is lacking in life instead of what is abundant.

  • Our shallowness of character causes us to judge others, of another time and place, by the standards of our own culture, even though this is completely irrational; and to some extent, the same is true of any judgment of another, because each of us, is in many ways, of another time and place.

  • Although each of us has some envy, few will ever confess to its possession.

  • One can destroy more in one minute with the tongue than in a year with the hands.

  • The desperate will regard every acquaintance a friend.

  • Talk is cheap because of its great abundance. Silence is golden because of its great scarcity.

  • When we release a rock, we know it will fall to earth no matter how hard it is thrown. When we release our words, some may fall within the lifetime of the listener, but some not even then.

  • Sometimes if you give a man enough rope, heíll hang you.

  • When we say that we will give someone credit for something that they did, does that mean that we are now in debt to that person?

  • It is easier to gain compliance through the otherís ears than through oneís own might.

  • Donít expect an encore when you blow your own horn.

  • Shop for a car with your eyes. Shop for a wife with your ears.


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