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  • Unrequited love is common; unrequited hate isn’t.

  • The intoxication of success can lead to as many errors in judgment as with alcohol; the only difference is that the errors are different.

  • It is impossible to have one’s full measure of happiness while being concerned as to what others may think.

  • If curiosity killed the cat it’s likely that in its other eight lives that the lack of curiosity killed its brain while still young.

  • Conscience is like a kind of spyware that we unintentionally downloaded into our brains soon after we first booted-up.

  • Open minds are often like open windows where anything is free to enter and also free to escape.

  • Life acts on us like a pencil sharpener that cuts away that which is extraneous leaving only the part that functions.

  • It is strange how we don’t feel lost when we are in a group when everyone else is lost; however when we aren’t lost but alone, we feel lost only because we are alone.

  • It is natural to want to feel valued; because of this, it is easy to understand why so many have such positive feelings about their high school and college days when they were overpowered by the delusion that we were highly valued and that the future held the promise of becoming even more so.

  • It Is more enriching to look at life as a very long experiment than as a very long script to be followed.

  • Many will assume that they are on their own path when it is the negative image of most other’s; however one’s own path bears no similarity to other’s, but only to the unique way found deep within each of us.

  • When a life is well lived, at age forty the best years are yet to be.

  • Our fears act like an electric fence that confines us with a crowd sharing the same fears, even though we all suspect that the discomfort of the fence will be a small price to pay for the freedom lying just on the other side; yet most will still hesitate throughout life to become free.

  • Every hatred is a dagger that we first test on ourselves.

  • Trying to “think outside of the box” is like trying to think outside of life, as all of our life is the box. To think otherwise is a delusion of being something other than what we are. All we can do is enlarge the box.

  • To many, alcohol is the answer; it doesn’t matter the question.

  • It is unfortunate that we continue to think of the Universe, and everything within it, as obeying the laws of nature. Inanimate things don’t have the ability to obey anything; rather we should think of everything as having properties. We, like the rest of the Universe possess properties, but because of our complexities, no two individuals have or will ever have the exact same properties.

  • If time were a marketable commodity, many of those who are wealthy, and have time on their hands, would buy even more; while many of those, that have little and work several jobs to make ends meet, would sell theirs.

  • The greater the self-doubt, the greater is the compulsion to be proven right.

  • The great loophole in life is death.

  • It is always a disappointment to find that after giving a gift that the recipient felt so obligated that they reciprocated immediately.

  • The greatest problem with intellectuals is that they feel that their concepts should become reality even when reality refuses.

  • The tears of the elderly are far sadder than the tears of the young.

  • On the balance sheet of life, it is decades before our personal assets are greater than just the liability of what we are.

  • To train ourselves to do anything, we should always insist on paying for our shortfalls and never permit another to remedy a situation no matter how much easier it would be to allow so.

  • Most fear sprouts from within and attaches to that which is without. Because of this, ignoring the “without” destroys that which is growing within.

  • Those that are prone to being irritated, will, in the absence of the usual irritations, increase their sensitivities enough to become irritated by even more trivial causes.

  • If you want others to remember you for the rest of their lives, just show them contempt.

  • Much of recent progress is the result of what is often called “creative destruction” where the old is destroyed and replaced by more efficient ways of producing what we want. Creative destruction can be applied to oneself as well, as we willingly destroy old beliefs and replace them with newer beliefs that are more efficient of producing what we want, and hopefully what we need as well.


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