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  • A convict is one that is held in prison; a conviction is a belief that is imprisoned by our ignorance.

  • It is obvious that we believe whatever we want to believe; what is also obvious that few of us want their beliefs to be only that which has been shown to be true.

  • In our lack of familiarity with something, we are unable to tell what is true and what is false, such as a diamond from a zircon. Children lack familiarity with everything, and that is why it is so easy to instill rubbish in them as though they were treasures.

  • Freedom is the maximizing of choices, not the ability to choose anything that one might want.

  • Even though one may live for today because tomorrow never comes, one should always remember that tomorrow doesn’t go away either.

  • When we find ourselves with too much time on our hands, there is no place to go to get a refund.

  • The gold-standard of genuine love is when one’s happiness becomes dependent on the happiness of another.

  • A weak voice often contains a strong message, and a strong voice a weak message.

  • Just because something is very unlikely, it doesn’t mean that it won’t occur; if it couldn’t occur, it would be called impossible. Given sufficient incidents, the very unlikely is certain to occur; and many will call this luck, either of the good or bad kind.

  • Mankind’s belief that he is other than he is, is nothing but a vapor, although a very persistent one.

  • More is always planned for tomorrow than is ever done today.

  • Marriage to some means only “merryage.”

  • Nothing creates trust in another like always doing what one has committed to doing.

  • Nothing destroys trust in another like failing to do what one has committed to doing.

  • It is difficult to decide which is the more important for a young adult to do, learn more, or unlearn all of the untruths taught to us when young. It is generally the latter.

  • Compared to what we knew a hundred years ago, we are very smart; compared to what will be known a hundred years from now, we are very ignorant; at least, we should hope that this will be true.

  • Within anything that we regard as an evil, lies hidden something that we would call beneficial; and within anything that we call beneficial lies hidden something that we would call an evil, that is most frequently revealed by the extremes that we use in applying what was once only beneficial.

  • Although it may be true that one is never too old to learn, it may be more important that one is never too old to unlearn.

  • Scarce things tend to be highly valued with the exception of unpleasant truths.

  • The truth will never set anyone free as long as it is denied entry.

  • A wrong, done to one person, cannot be undone by a right, done to another.

  • When someone says that some particular thing won’t last forever, they have said nothing since nothing that is real does either. It is only those things which are imaginary that do, and even this may not be true if all of the believers cease to be.

  • When the time comes that exceptions prove the rule, it will be the day when an unbreakable window is broken.

  • The difference between a written record and our memories is that the written record only fades while the memory recalls what wasn’t.

  • To be ignorant of when one has been beaten is often the reason that one isn’t.


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Page 106 of  131

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