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  • A wise life is spent as a seeker and not as a finder

  • If there really is a battle between good and evil, then each of us should be the referee, and not the politicians or theologians.

  • A friend is one with whom you can speak unguarded words, without fear of offense.

  • The more general the feeling of love, the less related it is to loving

  • Many are saddened by the four words “It might have been.” It is always true that something else might have been, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that virtually all, of what eventually was, wouldn’t have been either. The trade is seldom one that a wise person would make.

  • The happiest marriages are not based on giving and taking, and certainly not on giving or taking, but are based upon sharing two lives.

  • That life has a purpose, is an assumption that is difficult to support unless we can also show that everything else in the Universe has a purpose too; perhaps it does, but we also can’t support that assumption either. The fact that we were caused into existence doesn’t in any way prove that there is a purpose for us as well, beyond the purpose that our parents may or may not have had.

  • No word was ever spoken that had any meaning; but, many things have been meant by all of the words that were spoken.

  • Most often, enthusiasm comes from a desire to know, while zeal most often comes from a belief that there is no need to know because one is already certain.

  • The best way to ensure that one is lucky is to stop believing in luck and start believing in reasoned action.

  • To do good to one is better than to wish good to all.

  • If revenge is sweet, why does it create so much bitterness?

  • Those that criticize others because what they do is unnatural, overlook the fact that almost all that we do is unnatural in some way.

  • Trust and mistrust must be earned; everything else is neither.

  • Always seek truth but never believe that it is found.

  • Many think of their lives as being like jigsaw puzzles, where the right pieces need to be found, in order to make everything complete; however this is seldom satisfying, since the pieces were made by others to fit their lives; life should be like a painting where we apply the paint to express what we are or want to be. It may be that when we are done, no one else will appreciate our paintings, but that’s alright, since it was painted for ourselves, and not for others. It is only important that we like it.

  • To assume that the Universe has a purpose and that this purpose somehow involves us is the most outrageous form of arrogance that mankind is capable of conceiving.

  • Those, who wonder if they’re happy, aren’t; those, who are unhappy, never wonder if they are.

  • One of the big problems with “truth” is that it comes to us without a label. We never know if we have it or not. Everything that comes to us labeled “truth” probably isn’t. Thus, everything that we discover, and then label “truth”, should have that name on a detachable label so that it can be transferred to whatever that follows that may be closer to “the truth”. .

  • It is the tendency of nearly all to cling to the beliefs that comfort and reject those that discomfort, with any connection to reality being secondary and irrelevant.

  • The difference between popularity and notoriety is a product of the times. .

  • If we were only less ignorant of our ignorance, that would be knowledge and the beginnings of wisdom.


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