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  • Even though one may live for today because tomorrow never comes, one should always remember that tomorrow doesn’t go away either.

  • Love, which is expressed to us only after we have first expressed it to another, resembles an echo in that we receive only that which we first sent.

  • A late apology is only an admission and not a regret.

  • It is wonderful to have dreams of the future as long as they don’t keep us asleep in the present.

  • We are little less free when we are chained than if we feel the need to carry the untethered chain with us.

  • When at sea, the North Star is useful for navigation; when living life, the “Desire Star” and the “Fear Star” are both poor navigational aids; this is because much of what we desire we don’t need and is often very harmful, and much of what we need we don’t desire; and much of what we fear poses no danger and much of what poses a danger we don’t fear.

  • Those that want to lose weight should try living on hope since it contains zero calories.

  • We rarely see the blind run, yet through most of life we are blind to the consequences of what we do but never think of slowing.

  • It also follows that dogs that go to bed with people will wake up with fewer fleas.

  • In general, a slip of the tongue does more harm than the slip of a foot.

  • Keep the chin up, but not the nose.

  • Monuments of stone are subject to the wear of time and weather and the ill-intent of man; monuments of words escape the wear of time and the weather, and often the ill-intent of man as well.

  • A pat on a friend’s back is an encouragement; a pat on an enemy’s back is an assault.

  • Idleness of body and mind is practice for death.

  • Bragging about what one has just done is no different than the hen’s cackling about its new egg.

  • Much more poison will exit our mouths than will ever enter.

  • Many an aim is true whose target is missed.

  • Keep something for only ten years and the next day you will discover its use.

  • Some individuals function as though they have two mouths and one ear.

  • In our lack of familiarity with something, we are unable to tell what is true and what is false, such as a diamond from a zircon. Children lack familiarity with everything, and that is why it is so easy to instill rubbish in them as though they were treasures.

  • When young, and doing something successfully on the first try, we often are locked into a mindset of trying to repeat that success for much of life.

  • Freedom is the maximizing of choices, not the ability to choose anything that one might want.

  • Perhaps we shouldn’t cross our bridges before we come to them, but many will refuse to cross them even after they’ve arrived.

  • It is difficult to decide which is the more important for young adults to do, learn more, or unlearn all of the untruths taught to them when young. It is generally the latter.

  • It is true that actions speak louder than words; but actions also speak more truthfully without ever shouting.

  • One’s word is one of the most valuable things that one can give another; yet the giving enriches the recipient as well as the giver.

  • The tighter we clasp happiness, the slipperier it gets. To be ignorant of when one has been beaten is often the reason that one isn’t.


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