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  • Many more of us would be willing to seize the day if it came by home delivery during commercials.

  • If you should ever meet the person that you could be, there would be no recognition.

  • As teenagers, it looked like anything was possible; in old age we lament that it might have been if only-----.

  • If a person would describe the worst things that could be done to his enemies, than he is telling you what things he fears most.

  • Disillusionment is most often followed by newer delusions.

  • Ambition is like a forest fire; the more it consumes, the more it seems to want to consume until there is nothing more to consume.

  • Almost everyone considers themselves to be an artist when it comes to drawing conclusions.

  • Itís no wonder that people donít know how to use their minds better when they keep changing them all of the time.

  • Perhaps the reason that patience seems to increase with age, is because the older we get the less anxious we are to arrive, while when we were young we were always anxious to escape.

  • Happiness is in a way, like sawdust in that it arrives only while trying to produce something else.

  • The traits of men and women are very different, a fact that is bemoaned by some of each gender; but, these differences are a potential strength since many of these traits fill voids in each other. Problems arise when one or the other seeks to claim some of the territory that is the strength of the other. Power corrupts further those that were first corrupted by the lust for power.

  • What we call the heart doesnít think; it feels, however those feelings give rise to thoughts; therein lies much of our problems, some let their emotions form their thoughts while others cause their reason to form their thoughts. The first is not for problem solving. The last is not for emotional satisfactions.

  • We learned to dislike change the moment we were born.

  • Originality is most often seduced into entering the forest of conformity, never to be seen again.

  • When you love another, you only see whatís important, and what isnít important, is invisible.

  • There are many shortcuts between the womb and the grave, and many more are being created daily for those who are impatient.

  • Except for the rarest of circumstances, whenever we find ourselves thinking that we would be happy if only something in our surroundings were different, we have just told ourselves a stealth lie to prevent our admitting to a deficiency that is hidden within us.

  • Even though we donít make the Sun to rise and set, still it is we that make our days; we are never made by our days.

  • The simplest form of animal life, called the amoeba, will move towards food and will move away from excessive heat. Humans do essentially the same thing only in a more complex manner, and most often respond to desires and fears that are entirely within the mind rather than to external dangers and external sources to fulfill needs

  • Life can be like climbing a very tall mountain, where each time that we stop, we can look down and see where we once were and be glad that we are there no more.

  • When madness swirls about us and we are unmoved, then we, like a boulder in a stream, have found our place.

  • We have finally reached maturity when we can love ourselves enough to be glad for all, even for the adversities, that made us who we are.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 108 of  161

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