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  • The existence of state lotteries is proof that individuals believe in unlikelihood more than they believe in mathematics.

  • The reason that the “good old days” seem so is because we tend to only remember the “best old days”, and forget the rest.

  • Trust is well founded when we trust others to act in their own self-interests; it is up to us to make sure that they believe that their interests are intertwined with ours.

  • Our most profound state of mind is when we realize that much of life is not only unknown, but is and will forever be unknowable. The problem comes when we realize that we can’t know which is and which is not.

  • We prevent ourselves from understanding more deeply by the comforting belief that we already understand.

  • The most certain way to cause problems in the future is to continue using the solutions that worked in the past.

  • When Descartes said: “I think, therefore I am.”, should we therefore conclude that when we don’t think we are no more?

  • Much of what we do and believe is a product of instinct; but it is not raw instinct, but instinct that has been forged and molded on the anvil of life.

  • There seems to be those, who disavow “an eye for an eye”, because they believe in two eyes for an eye.

  • Time enters a cocoon and emerges as memory; memory enters a cocoon and emerges however we prefer.

  • It is unwise to believe that one is secure when all of life’s plans can change in just one unforeseen and unforeseeable moment.

  • Unselfishness is merely a word in a dictionary and has no reference in reality, as every conscious act of giving, no matter how beneficial to others, supplies something to the donor even if it were provided anonymously.

  • Many things that are the tallest are not the highest.

  • Those that believe that water doesn’t run uphill have never witnessed water in a flood.

  • If there is an exception to every rule, does that mean there is an exception to this one?

  • Even though the truth may be buried, it will not decay, but remain as it was when buried.

  • Those, that are discomforted by their ignorance, will accept any falsehood if presented as truth.

  • To discover a fault in another first requires a fault within ourselves.

  • To believe in an easy victory is one giant step towards defeat.

  • Those that tend to fear the unknown, will fear far more things then are not feared, simply because there are far more things that are unknown than are known.

  • Those that have had little exposure to science, tend to regard science as just another form of superstition.

  • The primary reasons that people cling so strongly to their beliefs, is because since they adopted them, they have sought their confirmations and rejected their contradictions.

  • Most believe that second thoughts are generally better than their first thoughts; if so, why stop? Our twentieth thoughts should be near perfection.

  • Almost all of those, now long forgotten, once believed that they would not be forgotten.

  • The absence of conviction in anything doesn’t require inaction, only caution.

  • Trying to reason with someone that is dogmatic is like mounting a dead horse and expecting to go somewhere.

  • The test of evolutionary success isn’t what is right or wrong, but what enhances survival; and that is what evolution would call right were evolution able to speak.


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Page 108 of  131

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