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  • Those that judge, unknowingly invite the judgments of others.

  • Each of us writes the chapters in our book of life, which is held between the bookends of birth and death, with our circumstances being only the parchment on which it is written.

  • We should always take into account the very human tendency to believe that the future will be a repetition of what it has just been. At one time, this may have been rational; today this tendency is highly irrational.

  • Praise is the sunshine that children need in order to grow and ripen to maturity.

  • Everyone is worthy of trust; the problem is in finding what they are worth being trusted to do.

  • One of the most difficult things to hold at times, and one of the things, that once released, creates so much trouble and beauty, is the tongue.

  • Nothing corrodes its container faster than does hate.

  • Anguish isnt divisible and cant be shared with another; however another can console, and in so doing, diminish the anguish without receiving any of it.

  • It isnt true that we should never look a gift horse in the mouth; what we should do is always look a gift horse in the mouth, but out of the presence of the giver.

  • Some live as though they were trying to perfect the art of being dead.

  • Pay a worker less than his worth and he will try to pay himself more than hes worth

  • The whole body often has to pay for the small acts of the tongue.

  • More is always planned for tomorrow than is ever done today.

  • Although it may be true that one is never too old to learn, it may be more important that one is never too old to unlearn.

  • Within ones kidding lies a dagger of truth.

  • We are formed by the mould that we are poured into; to what extent we can, we need to become the formers of our molds.

  • If we practiced what we preached, wed preach a lot less.

  • Nothing creates trust in another like always doing what one has committed to doing.

  • Nothing destroys trust in another like failing to do what one has committed to doing.

  • Heated words scorch relationships but wont the warm tea.

  • A true gift should not create a debt in the recipient; and if the recipient feels indebted by receiving, then the recipient has destroyed the reason for the giving.

  • It may be that rats at times are smarter than we are; when they desert a sinking ship, they do so when tied up in port rather than on the open sea.

  • Revenge is like a tennis ball in that once served, is likely to be returned.

  • Some grow old and grow certain while others grow old and grow doubtful.

  • Scarce things tend to be highly valued with the exception of unpleasant truths.

  • If we are in Rome, we are supposed to do as the Romans do; but since we are in our own cities, does that mean that we should do as the others in our cities do? If so, this is a directive to be an ingredient in a pot of porridge, indistinguishable from one part to another.


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Page 109 of  139

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