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  • Many individuals become so attached to their beliefs, that even when they are shown to be false, they would prefer to part with an attached appendage.

  • Isnít it strange how so many want to be judged to be above average while not being considered abnormal?

  • The wise people learn more from their failures than from their successes. The wisest people learn more from otherís failures than their successes.

  • The belief, that whatever doesnít destroy you makes you stronger, doesnít account for aging, at least not until much later.

  • Even the eyes of the blind are perfect in hindsight.

  • Happiness will always be elusive for those whose desires for getting vastly outnumber their desires for giving.

  • No matter how reluctant we are to admit it, deep down each of us knows that we are different from others in most of the ways that we seem the same.

  • Undoubtedly our days are numbered, but, are they numbered pre or postmortem?

  • The dreams of youth are eventually dulled by the awareness of our limitations; still, they still remain dreams.

  • The older one gets, the more the good old days get made from recycled memories that bear little resemblance to the originals.

  • Computers have greatly enabled us to recognize our incompetence at the speed of light.

  • I often wish that I had known, when young, what I know now, but then I realize that even if I had, I wouldnít have been wise enough to use it in any way but a childís way.

  • How can life be either fair or unfair unless we are mad enough to imagine that life is a game?

  • We should all pray that mankind, someday, will be bound together by our love of one another instead of the very strong binding forces of our hatreds of a common enemy.

  • The only thing that should be in the eye of the beholder is aqueous humor; everything else is in the mind of the beholder.

  • Many more things are addictive then we generally suppose, some of which are condoned by the majority, such as the unquenchable desire for others to display their acceptance of us.

  • No society has ever accepted those that are committed to finding truth at the expense of disclosing the falseness of the culture in which they are imbedded.

  • There are very few objectives in life that are unattainable if one becomes fully committed to that end; failure to achieve that objective, lies not with oneís inability to do so, but is usually caused by oneís diffusing efforts towards multiple objectives, all of which may never be attained.

  • Self-gratification seldom results in more than very brief positive benefits; long-term positive benefits are usually the result of gratification of self, a result which usually benefits others as well as the individual.

  • Many would prefer the certainty of not succeeding, by not trying, rather than take the painful route, of exposing themselves to the possibility of success at the risk of knowing that their best failed.

  • The creativity of mankind is never more obvious than when ready answers are given to the many questions of life that are absolutely unanswerable.

  • Those that are skilled have learned how to imitate the various sounds of wild animals and entice them to be attracted to the source of that sound; humans are no different except the calls to accomplish the same thing are just more complex but usually requires less skill.

  • To be unaware of the enormous conflicts with each of us is the prime trait of those that donít know even themselves.

  • Creativity comes from seeing differently that which others have seen the same.


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Page 109 of  161

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