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  • In the most complete analysis, we are all the product of determinism; but once circumstances have caused us to accept the concept of “Free Will” the game of life is played like a card game where jokers are wild and all of the cards are jokers.

  • It would be helpful, in our adapting to a changing world, if we would hold all of our strongest beliefs as being only assumptions that are weakly doubted.

  • Many confuse the search for truth with the search to affirm one’s beliefs.

  • The idea of being superior is a product of selective comparisons; even other animals, down to insects, are superior to every human in some way; as are also other individuals superior to others in some way.

  • The most destructive lies are often those that contain the most truth.

  • One of the bravest acts of courage is to let loose of all of one’s most cherished beliefs without a clue as to what may follow.

  • Perhaps everything really does happen for the best; that is if you aren’t particular about to whom.

  • True friendship exists when there are periods of silence without either feeling the need to speak.

  • Those that believe that life is but a dream, should test that theory by hitting their thumbs with a hammer.

  • It is surprising how many people stumble and argue over the meanings of words, when words actually mean nothing; however people mean a great deal by the words that they use, which should be our only endeavor in trying to understand one another’s words.

  • We should all go crazy once in a while just so that we can develop some empathy for everyone else.

  • Trust is firmly founded when another believes that it is certain that there is more to be lost in violating a trust than would be gained by not doing so.

  • Those that seek wisdom will probably find that the most important first step is to question every authority’s infallibility and regard every fact as being true, but only in varying degrees of probability.

  • To believe that we deserve something, or to even feel that we don’t, relates to a mysterious kind of accounting that is know only to an accountant that is yet to be found.

  • The past is not subject to revision, but our beliefs about it are. The past doesn’t change even if everyone agreed on it; because of this, dogma is often the enemy of the truth about the past.

  • The biggest advantage of having extensive information is that it provides us with the greatest opportunity for choosing the information that most suits our biases.

  • Truth is, and always will be, a belief that is subject to revision.

  • It seems to be our nature to not welcome contrary or contradictory opinions, any more than the earth welcomes the plow in the Spring.

  • Although we often judge others by their appearance, we should always remember that appearance is often a camouflage for something quite different than what it appears.

  • If individuals were only more concerned about developing their characters instead of developing their reputations, their reputations would be higher and would also have the highest integrity.

  • It is interesting that humans find it easier to build their beliefs on the mythologies of the past than on the verifiable facts of the present; it is as though they believe that a swamp would provide a firmer foundation than would a granite base.


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Page 109 of  131

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