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  • Throughout life, even though we may prepare, we are never prepared for our next steps; yet we must still step there or be drug there by the forces that we call life.

  • Detours, on the road of life, often lead to destinations that we should have sought had we only known more.

  • There is a virtuous cycle in life that causes one’s virtuous thoughts to produce virtuous acts; acts, which in turn creates further virtuous thoughts, etc. Just the opposite cycle explains why there are such extreme differences between those that want to benefit others and those that want to destroy all of that which will benefit others.

  • It is said that “Still waters run deep.” And although that is true, we also should remember that still waters are often just stagnant pools.

  • It is strange how quickly objectivity flees once a person develops a passion for an object.

  • Those that don’t take losses personally should plan on taking lots of losses.

  • The most difficult words to pronounce are: “It was my fault.” and “I was wrong.”

  • Some of the most difficult things to express to others are our sensations when others have never experienced them. This is not a problem when we are surrounded by those that have shared the same experiences, but it is nearly impossible to communicate these to those that haven’t. Those, never experiencing freedom, security, or democracy will never understand those that have, and we accomplish nothing in merely urging them to seek these.

  • Those that are prone to point out their virtuous acts may have done those acts, not for their virtue, but for the acclaim of others.

  • Discontent is a symptom of unhappiness unless it is discontent over our contentedness.

  • The problem isn’t that mankind can’t get the answers to the questions that it asks, but that it doesn’t know how to ask the questions that it needs answered.

  • In the intellectual sense, few at the base of a mountain have ever tried to climb the mountain, and few that have ever climbed the mountain will ever return to its base.

  • Every day we reach a point of no return, and that point of no return is the day itself.

  • Never forget, the feeling that we have in our gut about something, may only be indigestion, not wisdom.

  • We run many risks by standing still.

  • Life is a peculiar kind of race wherein one never knows at its start whether it is a dash or a marathon or somewhere in-between; yet there are hurdles and often many falls, but the finish line is always crossed.

  • We, individually, are like drops of rain that fall to earth, perhaps capable of ending a draught or becoming part of a flood.

  • Geniuses, of all kinds, are those that possessed great gifts at birth that somehow escaped becoming prisoners of conformity.

  • The feeling of needing to compete with others is a reflection of the fear that others are either ahead or are about to become so; a person possessing self-confidence feels no need to compete because they understand that merely by doing one’s best that there will be higher performance if not being concerned by what others are doing.

  • The one that we use anger against is anger’s second victim.

  • We feel foolish when we look for the glasses that we are wearing but not when we look for the source of happiness outside ourselves when it lies entirely within.

  • It is as difficult to “unspoil” spoiled milk as it is to “unspoil” a spoiled child.

  • Change is for the living; constancy is for the dead.

  • Love is like finding that final piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle.

  • Disillusionment is the key that opens the door to understanding and wisdom.

  • The past most reliably repeats itself within our ignorance.

  • One thing that we create before arriving where it will be, is our destiny.

  • Love exists when the happiness of another brings one the greatest happiness.


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