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  • Regard failure as being only the first steppingstone on the way to success. Regarding one’s self as a failure, is the last steppingstone on a dead-end street.

  • Aiming to please everyone is like trying to make a garment that would fit all. Aiming to only do one’s best is like making a garment that will still fit many.

  • When we think that we are remembering the past, is there any reason to believe that we’re not just remembering what we imagined in the past? Both became mental images, either one of which the subconscious may have become attached.

  • More pleasure is found if after you seize the day you release the night.

  • One of the most certain ways to be ostracized is to pursue truth at the expense of popular opinion.

  • Writing one's ideas instead of just mulling them over is like the difference in navigating by a compass and navigating by a hunch.

  • To deny what we are to others is to be unknown to others. To deny what we are to ourselves is to not be.

  • When one is forced by circumstances to become part of a group, it is wise to remember that one is not just some small percentage of a group, but always 100% of oneself.

  • Remember, when others ask for your opinion, they didn't necessarily ask for your honest opinion.

  • Early to bed and early to rise, lessens the need to economize.

  • That the squeaky wheel gets the grease may be so; but if squeaking too often, the squeaky wheel gets replaced.

  • "Going with the flow" often means going down the drain.

  • In the struggle to succeed, luck is proportional to pluck.

  • Those that like to give others "a piece of their mind" shouldn't be surprised by how quickly they run out of pieces.

  • If one is prone to "put their ass on the line" they need to be sure the line isn't where others put their feet.

  • One of the communications that we most like to receive is delivered by the ears of others.

  • One shouldn’t be concerned that others will steal their ideas; a great idea, even if posted on every light pole would only become an eyesore to passersby.

  • It is wise to be vigilant of those about us, but even wiser to be vigilant of those within us.

  • When someone says that they’re never surprised at anything, they mean that they’re never surprised at anything until they are surprised at something.

  • Vegetarians, when eating out with a carnivorous companion, should be glad that cholesterol is a chronic poison instead of being acute.

  • The strong are undisturbed by different opinions while the weak respond as if their very existence is threatened.

  • There are many that profess to want change, but on close inspection we find that their pockets are full of holes.

  • Yesterday is gone yet we still remember it; if one would dwell on yesterday instead of today, tomorrow would discover even more to regret about the day before; and so it is with regret, we should always remember that which we regret, and not dwell on it lest we create even more regrets for tomorrow.

  • Instead of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, some get it only half right; they hope for the best and prepare for the best.

  • Does a person ever really care if they’re apathetic?

  • Anytime a person says that they did something because they had no choice, they are hoping that you have no brains. Every minute of every conscious hour, we have choices; they may not be the ones that we would most prefer, but we do have choices even if in a straightjacket in a locked padded cell.

  • When confronted with a choice of doing something, where there is the possibility of great success or great harm, or not acting with the certainty of modest harm, it is wise to defer until the possibility becomes a probability of success.

  • Instead of spending time wondering if a glass is half full or half empty, it might be wiser to wonder if it’s pure enough to drink.

  • It is easy to go through life not seeing the things that are all about us while seeing so many things that aren’t and never were.

  • There are some that seem to have so thoroughly rundown the present that they already lament the future.

  • It is wise to not love those that believe that you could become a perfect mate only with their help.

  • Advertising is all about getting us to change our minds, and their most preferred change is to stop us from thinking critically about what they are promoting.

  • Obstacles in life shouldn’t be looked at as defeats, but only wrong turns in a very long maze.


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