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  • No matter how common it may seem, ignorance is never in vogue.

  • Character, like a diamond, is created by surviving intense heat and pressure.

  • All that mankind does is temporal, to believe otherwise is but a fleeting delusion.

  • No chip is so heavy to bear as the chip carried on one's shoulder.

  • When someone tells you that you can't do something, they may be correct for the present. But, no one can know what you will be able to do tomorrow.

  • The most important words we will ever hear will come from that voice deep within when it whispers, "This is what I truly am".

  • The only dogmas that we should abide, are those uttered by our consciences.

  • The appearance of certainty in us may help to attract followers, but unquestioned certainty is the most certain way to attract failure.

  • Those that seem to be living in the past will find the present and future fraught with peril.

  • As the wind has the ability to either extinguish a fire or to make it burn more intensely. So also do life's crises offer the means to either extinguish or stoke one's emotional growth.

  • We should never quell that pesky voice within us that constantly asks: "Why? Why? Why?"

  • Men sense that females are attracted to power. This explains men's obsession for acquisition of power in its many disguises such as wealth, fame, influence, position, physique, and prestige.

  • We are more truthful than when we say, "I don't know." than when we say, "I am certain."

  • It is wiser and easier to swallow one's pride than to thump one's chest.

  • Keeping a grudge is like keeping a parasite that slowly burrows into one's soul.

  • Those that wish life to seem long are unknowingly wishing for a life of torment.

  • It is better to be satisfied with little than to have much and crave for more.

  • The well trodden path is seldom the path that ascends; it is usually the easy path that descends.

  • It is little surprise that so few will learn from the history of others that which would help them in their own lives, because so few seem to benefit from their own personal experiences.

  • Have you ever noticed how many of the elderly that complain about life providing so little time, are also the same ones that complain about how little there is to do?

  • The rain that visits each life is only rain, a substance that always evaporates after first cleansing that which it touched.

  • Self-improvement is found only in taking small steps. Failure to improve is found in taking large steps, in very much the same way as trying to memorize a poem one page at a time.

  • Time is like a train where one is allowed to get on and get off only once.

  • It is rare that practice ever made perfect, but it is near certain that practice will make less imperfect.

  • You can’t help others to soar unless your own feet leave the ground.

  • When we kill time, it gets buried in our pasts.

  • Those, whose happiness depends upon fine eating, might be better off by being less concerned about what went into their heads, and more concerned about what goes on inside of their heads.

  • Life doesn’t just produce the things that we intend, but also produces much of what we intended to avoid. In very much the same way that our watering our garden benefits what we planted as it also brings up the weeds that we wanted to avoid.

  • We all pretty well know what we will tolerate being done to us, but our humanity is not defined by this but what we are willing to tolerate being done to strangers

  • Because we can subjugate animals to our needs, it is easy to see why we regard ourselves as their superiors; this questionable reasoning is also the kind of reasoning that produced masters and slaves.

  • An intellectual is one that places thoughts above fears and desires.

  • Those parents that assume what their children should be as adults, without taking their talents into consideration, are like someone assuming that any particular worm could become a butterfly.

  • A mature person is wise to remain close to those that criticize, and to avoid those that praise, because the first tends to strengthen while the second tends to weaken.

  • What the censor chooses to censor shows what the censor has a weakness towards.

  • When we believe that “We’ve finally arrived”, it is very much like having arrived at a mountain’s summit; every thing is now downhill.

  • Our emotions often cause us to do the exact opposite of what we should do, in very much the same way as one might run outdoors in a rainstorm because of the roof’s leaking.

  • When we fail we call it experience; when we succeed, we call it genius.


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