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  • The freedom that democracy provides, gives each person the right to choose what kind of taskmaster they will have, be it economic, social, theological, ignorance, or the paternal twins named fear and desire. Some will not choose any and will remain free.

  • The stock market is where a person can become an expert by making only one correct prediction per lifetime.

  • He is richest who has all the best things that money can’t buy.

  • Few things have brought mankind as much grief as having a surplus of money; and few things have brought mankind as much grief as having no money.

  • Wealth can perform the function of setting a people free, but also free enough to destroy themselves.

  • The most certain way to succeed in the stock market is a way yet to be discovered; however the ways to most often fail in the stock market are the rules that claim to be the ways to succeed quickly.

  • Money can’t buy love any more than it can buy anything else that is entirely emotional; but money can create the illusion for thirty minutes.

  • Always fish where others believe there to be no fish.

  • The need for self-discipline increases with the accumulation of wealth; those that believe otherwise are likely to become victims of their own desires.

  • When investing in the stock market, one should be like the person that looks both ways when crossing a one-way street.

  • The price of success is often total involvement. The reward for success is often total involvement too.

  • Whether in politics, investing, religions, or personal dealings, beware of those that step forward to offer you their protection.

  • Any business that starts accepting government subsidies will belatedly discover that they’ve accepted a slow acting poison.

  • One shouldn’t completely ignore the opinions of financial analysts, for there’s the outside possibility that theirs might be a good as your own.

  • In the long history of mankind, there is no doubt but what much of mankind’s misery was the result of deprivation of the material things necessary for life; but, it is highly irrational, in a time of great plenty, to believe that great possessing will bring great happiness.

  • What clearer evidence can there be that Americans hate the idea that someone will make a profit out of dealing with them, then our many anti-prostitution laws. This is a case where if a woman performs sexually, no crime is committed until she starts trying to profit from doing so.


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