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  • If businesses kept their financial records by the same method that our government does, there would be an immediate need to expand our prison system. In dealing with politics, every citizen should come armed with suspicions instead of guns.

  • It seems strange that our citizens are guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but government says that it has the right to administer death by execution, or even deny death by making suicide illegal.

  • Few things bring out the pig in our citizens as seeing others feeding at the public trough.

  • It is perhaps fatal arrogance to assume that our culture, or anything very similar, will endure throughout the future of mankind. Any study of history discloses that all those that had this belief are both dead, and were dead wrong.

  • Believing what politicians say is not very different than eating yellow snow.

  • A government that suppresses nonviolent expression guarantees that there will be violent expression later.

  • The average citizen would prefer ordered servitude to chaotic freedom.

  • If a candidate were handing out ten dollar bills outside of the polls to gain votes, we would be outraged; however if an elected official worked with other elected officials to hand out government money to special interest groups for the purpose of reelection, wed call that politics as usual, even though there would be no moral difference between the two acts.

  • If a deaf blind girl named Helen Keller can succeed and achieve more than most of us, what person can rationally explain their failure because of skin color, religion, gender, or lack of attractiveness? Failure is much more a product of giving up than of what we are.

  • If nuclear weapons had existed when our country was founded, do you suppose our Constitution would have provided the right to possess atomic bombs?

  • If congressman were required to take the oath: "First to do no harm", they would make very few laws.


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