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  • Many substitute the seeking of God with the seeking of religious dogma.

  • There are those that believe that Heaven and Hell exists in an afterlife, and that responsible behavior is not in itself its own reward. For these it would seem that there is no incentive to live life responsibly, if after their death, someone could just say a few words over them and then gain entry into Heaven.

  • The final checkout line doesnít accept discount coupons or rain checks.

  • To pray for that which you might obtain by your own effort is to treat God as if He were a butler.

  • Few things evoke as much ire as those that express thoughts that strongly conflict with established beliefs. The reason for this is that those beliefs are sensed by their owners as being put in jeopardy by otherís conflicting thoughts. If confidence in those beliefs were absolute, conflicting thoughts would only evoke curiosity and not ire.

  • It may be that the common belief in the god of man is of man himself. If this were true, we would expect man to believe that god looks like himself and that godís mind functions like our own, and is therefore susceptible to our understanding. This kind of maniacal egocentricity doesnít exclude the possibility of there being a God that is unlike man in both form and function, of which we can never hope to more than grasp His presence.

  • The world's many religions may be as many doors that enter the same room.


  • If God wanted mankind to only comply uniformly with his wishes, he would have easily have obtained such. Is it reasonable to believe that The Creator was and is still incapable of obtaining that which He desires?

  • He could have made all of us like ants that are programmed to follow his wishes. But He didn't.

  • Since God is assumed to be omnipotent, He could have destroyed those that were unrighteous and prolonged the lives of the righteous. But he didn't.

  • Since God is omnipotent, He could have removed those things that corrupt mankind. But He didn't.

  • He could have made all of us so simple, that we would have adopted just one set of religious dogmas at their face value. But He didn't.

  • He could have exposed all of us to the same Messenger. But He didn't.

  • He could have floated around the earth like a vast talking cloud, proclaiming His existence, in the tongue of each individual, and telling us exactly what He wants of us. But He didn't.

  • He could have created a world where the righteous are rewarded in proportion to their virtue, and the evildoers punished in proportion to the evildoers' deeds. Thus mankind would have become compliant to His wishes. But He didn't.

  • It may be that God doesn't want the uniform compliance that organized religions proclaim. What God apparently wanted, was to create the unique individuality that each of us have. Thus perhaps, He intends that each individual find his own unique way to Him. As organized religions tend to prescribe a very narrow path to God, it's no wonder that so many profess to follow that very narrow path while going in a very different direction, and usually not on any path towards Him.


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