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  • Many of us look at our lives as rigid containers that everything else must fit into in order to be accepted; however, if we look at our lives as being like a fluid, we can flow ourselves into whatever shape that life requires of us. Adaptability is essential in a changing world while rigidity leads to extinction.

  • No matter how old, and no matter how time has scared us, once one discovers the beauty within oneself and within others, there will be only beauty.

  • A wise life is spent as a seeker and not as a finder.

  • Looking into the heart of another is like looking into a mirror in that we see many things in a mirror that are not in a mirror.

  • We learn a lot from history, and like algebra, use little of it.

  • Those that criticize others because what they do is unnatural, overlook the fact that almost all that we do is unnatural in some way.

  • The more grudges we carry, the more we become beasts of burden.

  • Some live their lives so that awakening interrupts their dreaming, while with some others, that are more fortunate, live their lives so that their sleep interrupts their dreaming.

  • Raise a toast to today, but save the swallowing for tomorrow.

  • Those, with a bent of mind to say that they tolerate some others, are obviously in need of being tolerated by others.

  • If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then so must also be ugliness; the value of knowing this is that we can do something about the eye, and can seldom do anything about the ugliness, and therefore we can turn all of the world into beauty.

  • In general, the things that trouble us daily will have little more effect on us a year hence than what we had for lunch, and probably canít be remembered except by effort.

  • The absence of conviction in anything doesnít require inaction, only caution.

  • Our effort to explore the Universe is a curious matter since we are so far from exploring the universe within our minds that is immediately before us, and which, if understood, would provide enrichment to all.

  • A taste of vice, no harm; a bellyful, a poison.

  • The teeth grow ever duller with use, while the tongue wears ever sharper.

  • The most certain way to increase problems in the future is to continue using the solutions that worked in the past.

  • The greatest enemy of a woman is not her age, but her mirror

  • In many efforts, it isnít the amount of work that is done, but the amount of work that is done per unit time; for instance ten pounds of effort per second is more likely to accomplish some tasks than one pound of effort over ten seconds, even though the total effort is the same for both.

  • We prevent ourselves from understanding more deeply by the comforting belief that we already understand.

  • Much of what we do and believe is a product of instinct; but it is not raw instinct, but instinct that has been forged and molded on the anvil of life.

  • To find a friend that has no fault will first require finding someone that has no such inclination.

  • The best way to ensure that one is lucky is to stop believing in luck and start believing in reasoned action.

  • To do good to one is better than to wish good to all.

  • Always seek truth but never believe that it is found.

  • Even if you could fool all of the people all of the time, why would you want to unless you existed in the total absence of conscience?

  • A source of light, created in a darkened windowless room, will only illuminate that room, because that roomís walls will cause the whole world to be cast in the wallsí shadows; and so it is with what we could share with others that we confine only to ourselves.

  • Originality is a new kind of soup made from the leftovers of others.

  • Who can explain why we remember so much of what never was yet forget so much of what really was?

  • The past is a blank canvas that we paint on as we like in proportion to how few there are about us that shared that past.

  • The most durable monument that mankind creates is when adding to the enrichment of the lives that follow.

  • In much of life, victory is awarded to the nimble while the loser is still deliberating.

  • It is common for those that have lived the most exemplarily lives to judge themselves most harshly, while those that have lived most carelessly regarding others, judge themselves not at all.


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