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  • The most predictable factor in a couple’s remaining together is obvious; they both must want to travel in the same direction towards the same ends, and by the same means.

  • Accept yourself for what you are, a building site with all the materials for building; we are never a finished product until we are finally finished.

  • The greatest talents in the world are never developed because at the time that they first emerge, they are unrecognized as being talents; rather they are brushed aside only because they are undeveloped.

  • One of the great faults of acting and thinking with virtue is that it often blinds us to the ill-intentions of others, a blindness that often permits evil to triumph.

  • Adversity acts like the blows delivered by a blacksmith; they can shape as well as misshape depending on the blow and the mettle of the recipient.

  • The babble of a brook needs no translator; its message is clear to all.

  • We know that when we speak positively about what others have done, and do so in their presence, that this tends to cause them to repeat the act; when we speak positively about what others have done, when the others are not present, we encourage those that are present to become better also.

  • There is no such thing as unrequited contempt.

  • Those that seek the approval of others need to first discover it in themselves.

  • One thing, which adds to the possibility of victory, is when others believe that you’ve lost, but you know that you’ve just begun.

  • Self-loathing makes the loving of others impossible.

  • Those about us are generally seeking little more than affirmations that they are valued, and the greater their desperation, the more willing they are to accept the imitations of affirmations, and the more susceptible they are to becoming offended by the slightest hint that they are not valued.

  • Be they true or false, few things are as shallow and as temporal as the opinions that others have of us; yet, few things are as enduring as the opinions that we know to be true of ourselves.

  • There is a place of hidden beauty hidden, within each of the phases of each of our lives, that needs to be discovered in order to be enriching. To not discover these, during these phases, is to leave much of our lives as barren as if they were never lived.

  • Although the first and last steps may require no more energy, the first is usually the most difficult and the last the easiest.

  • When young it seemed that beauty was only skin deep; but, once mature, it becomes obvious that many that are beautiful are ugly and many that are ugly are beautiful. Life becomes multidimensional instead of just a surface phenomenon as we learn to see more deeply.

  • No foe is so difficult or any victory as sweet as when we have conquered ourselves to become free.

  • It is one of mankind’s greatest strengths that we have become so interdependent instead of our just being individually independent; but, this becomes one our greatest dangers when we allow the many forces of division to strengthen and cause us to fray and disintegrate into individual pursuits only.

  • The world’s largest iceberg and the world’s tallest mountain are alike in that both will someday be non-existent.

  • The future will always involve change; and if we embrace it instead of attacking it, it is likely to reciprocate.

  • When life has stripped us of all that is soft and pliable, what remains, as a hard core, is character.

  • To be able to choose between alternatives, is to be human, and the more alternatives to choose from, the greater is our humanness.

  • Nurture the child that only wants to color outside of the lines.

  • We are the products of our ancestors, but we are not those ancestors, but we are the ancestors of future generations, all of which must carve their own futures from the shapeless times that are yet to be.

  • Never trust or rely on those that claim to have no regrets in life.

  • There is no such thing as a bad-conscience, but there is such a thing as a violated conscience.

  • A hoard of locusts can consume all that one has grown; the heard of mankind can consume all that they have produced, and through public debt, consume much of the produce of future generations as well.

  • Mankind’s supremacy on the Earth is unchallenged, and the arrogance that comes from this recognition will eventually lead, as does all arrogance, to the ruin of its owner. Is this supremacy or idiocy?

  • The advice that we give to others must be so highly valued that they put it safely away never to be used.


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