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  • Dreams are the wind in our sails and hope is what we believe is just over the horizon ahead.

  • Friendship doesn’t require reciprocity; if it does, then it should be called “bartership”.

  • Seeking earthly immortality is seeking the unattainable; all that can become semi-immortal, are our names and what others have chosen to write about us, be it true or false.

  • Traveling the “road of doubt” provides little comfort, but at least it leads somewhere; traveling the “road of certainty” provides great comfort, but it only goes in a circle and leads only to itself.

  • Although ignorance on a subject may make a person seem ignorant, it takes misinformation to make a person seem stupid.

  • Some look at marriage as a kind of bondage to another; but when chosen well, marriage can be like providing that second wing so that both of you can soar.

  • When we find ourselves unable to explain something in simple terms to someone that has little background in what is being explained, our problem probably is that we don’t understand it either.

  • Water will continue to run downhill until it meets with resistance, as so also do our beliefs when our comfort with them causes no resistance. Our beliefs tend to change only when they are discomforted by contrary beliefs, but that is when we tend to cling most tightly to that which is old and comfortable.

  • To seek happiness directly is like expecting the wake of a boat to be found in front.

  • Even if we were certain that life had no purpose, it would still be wise to assume that it does, for without believing that life has a purpose, we would be like a rudderless ship in a vast and nameless sea.

  • It is said that the more choices that we have, the freer we are; that may be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are happier; that is because the more choices that we have, comes the greater perverse tendency to chose things that tend towards our own self-destruction.

  • Those that would judge a long-lasting love by whether it persists, just as it did during courtship, are like those that would judge an eight-course meal by its first course.

  • The day, that seems wasted to you now, would, if you were able a hundred years from now, gladly trade for your coffin.

  • We tend to think of a self-made man as one that somehow created what he is; however, each of us is the result of countless others, some of whom may have been destructive to our success, but none-the-less, necessary for what we’ve become.

  • In a slowly changing culture, the words of the elders are relevant and revered; in a rapidly changing culture, the words of the elders are generally ignored unless they serve as points of departure.

  • What has happened, what is happening, and what will happen, is or will be etched into our pasts; what we describe as happening is only written on paper, and like most descriptions they are fraught with errors.

  • People, like gold mines, never appear as to what they are until after careful investigation

  • It may make us feel good to believe that we are masters of our futures; but we can never know beforehand what that future may be and therefore we can only guess as to whether we or it will be the master.

  • The value of a group of words doesn’t suddenly become more valuable merely because they are expressed by a well known personality; the value of the words is found in whether they relate to what is found within us, regardless of their sources.

  • Since the truth shall set us free, we shouldn’t wonder that so few of us are free; as we tend to cling to beliefs for no other reason than our ancestors did the same; but, they weren’t free either.

  • In a time of calm, reason will overcome those that reason poorly; in a time of tumult, those that reason poorly will have the strength of their unquestioned beliefs that will overpower those that hesitate because of their reasoned doubts.

  • There is no such thing as discontented happiness; yet the way we tend to be today, is to seek happiness through things, many of which we want, and are beyond our means, and therefore our wanting becomes a source of our unhappiness.

  • Destiny can be the road that we believe we must take, or it can be the road that we choose to make.

  • Ignorance is the lack of knowledge; superstition is the presence of the knowledge of that which is either false or unverifiable. We find the first so discomforting that we readily choose the second even if it takes us further from that which is true.

  • The term “past history’ is interesting, because the history that we are interested in is today’s history of the past; very often, and perhaps most often, what was the past is not the same as what is history.


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Page 111 of  131

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