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  • Tomorrow is not owned by us, but put up for bidding each morning.

  • If we are forced to eat humble pie, it will always taste better if we make it.

  • You may lay an egg without cackling, but it is unwise to cackle without laying an egg.

  • Swallowing pride causes it, in about 24 hours, to end up where it belonged all along.

  • You can put a round peg in a square hole, but you will never make it fit.

  • When tooting your horn, it will be called noise and invite everyone else to leave your horn alone.

  • The best way to not wear out a welcome is to wear it little.

  • Variety is the spice of life, and in some instances, the end of it. *

  • We all know how a sharp tongue can harm another; however, the owner of that tongue cannot escape the harm it delivers daily to its owner.

  • Life turns out to be not a true or false test, or even a multiple choice test; rather life is most of all a test of our persistence and endurance.

  • When the tongue slips, a truth flees the lips.

  • Talk is that which rushes in to fill the vacuum between individuals.

  • Although it is good to forgive, it is much better to not have judged at all.

  • There seems to be those, who disavow “an eye for an eye”, because they believe in two eyes for an eye.

  • Some wives in their homes are like queen bees in their hives, in that neither is willing to share their thrones with a king.

  • With many, thinking and speaking are like two ends of a teeter-totter; when one goes up, the other goes down.

  • Much of what we will lose tomorrow is determined by what we gave up on today.

  • The most lasting thing that we make is not carved in stone; rather it is what is put on paper.

  • If you go hunting bear, it’s best to not forget that the bear may be hunting you.

  • A seed must sprout wherever it is planted, just as we did; the main difference between us and a seed is that we can determine where our seeds will be planted.

  • Those that hunger listen to their bellies regardless of the wisdom being told to them.

  • Those that are happy to be who they are, should be thankful for all of those things, both happy and sad, that molded them into being who they are today.

  • The duller the teeth, the louder the bark.

  • We are seldom more vulnerable than when our attention is locked onto the prey.

  • Our deep inner needs can only be filled with that that is discovered within, and frustrated by supplying that which is without.

  • Those, that are discomforted by their ignorance, will accept any falsehood if presented as truth.

  • Great intentions never filled a belly.

  • To discover a fault in another first requires a fault within ourselves.

  • To covet, that which can never be had, is to create a void within that will not leave.

  • We tend to more fear those that we continue to harm, and tend to more love those that we continue to benefit.

  • Those that tend to fear the unknown, will fear far more things then are not feared, simply because there are far more things that are unknown than are known.

  • Talent is one thing that we are proud of having, even though we did nothing to acquire it. .

  • Criticizing another’s taste in art, music, clothing, home décor, etc. is just as meaningless as criticizing the tastes of another’s food preferences.

  • Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but abstinence makes the heart grow desperate.

  • To many, the beginning and ending of their thinking, is in attaching a name to what is under consideration.

  • When it comes to ingratitude, it is better to be never than late.

  • Is it justice when we comply with unjust laws, or is compliance unjust?

  • Serendipity seldom calls at the homes of those that seek nothing.

  • The difference between being impetuous and decisive lies primarily in their frequencies. An impetuous person makes frequent and fast decisions about small things; while a decisive person makes infrequent but quick decisions about major things.


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