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  • It is a great misfortune that we have learned to think of happiness as only being a time of fun and gaiety, but these are just two of the many facets of a happy life, a life that is fulfilled only by there being realizations of as many facets as are possible.

  • Exploding in anger is like exploding a bomb within oneself in order to injure another.

  • If a woman is beautiful at eighteen, she can thank her parents; if she is beautiful at eighty, she can thank herself.

  • An un-cresting wave in mid-ocean gives the appearance of the water moving forward; however, the water is just moving up and down, it is the force that is moving forward. In very much the same way, we may believe that we can do something to cause us to move beyond our lifetimes through fame, but this also is an illusion, it is only the force of our lives that persists past our graves.

  • People are seldom more foolish than when they go to great lengths to not appear foolish to others.

  • Whether blessings outweigh our misfortunes or vice versa, depend, not on the quantity of either, but upon who is reading the scales.

  • To discover the things that we should value most highly, listen to those that know that they are dying and take heed of those things that they still value highly, even though they know that soon they will be nevermore to them.

  • One’s great awakening occurs when one realizes that most of our beliefs were placed within us to benefit society and not ourselves; in so recognizing, one can pursue self-realization while not disrupting the plodding of the world about us.

  • We all develop fortifications, within our minds, to protect our most cherished beliefs from the assault of reality that is certain to come.

  • Our understandings are linear in nature as words grow into sentences that eventually form meanings that enable us to deal with the world about us. Our feelings, and our senses, are not linear; they come to us in their two and three dimensional forms that we immediately recognize as their nature without the use of a single word.

  • All life is a continuum, of which mankind is only a part; we were never the beginning and will not be its end, no matter how much we want to believe that we were and will be both.

  • The number one enemy of many women is their mirror.

  • We like to regard ourselves as competent even though we are almost 100% incompetent in the most fields of human activities.

  • Undoubtedly there is a line between genius and madness, but that individual is incapable of telling on which side that he exists, and perhaps everyone else is also. After all, no one said that the line was straight.

  • Experts multiply inversely to what is know on a subject, and when nothing is known, the number of experts approaches infinity.

  • Confidence is generally regarded as a virtue, but when confidence is ill-founded, it leads to failure and on occasion to calamity.

  • Bravery is the willingness to do that which is right in spite of dangers; dangerous acts that are done for applause are signs of a weakness not bravery.

  • It takes great courage to confess one’s many fears.

  • The difference between conceit and pride is in the spelling.

  • Although we are humans, we are humane to lesser creatures in seeing that they suffer as little as possible and put them out of their miseries when hope is gone; when it comes to being humane to humans, we become sanctimonious and require that they suffer and not be put out of their miseries even when all hope is gone.

  • Creativity can create almost everything except itself.

  • Integrity exists independently from the beliefs of others. Reputation exists only in the beliefs of others.

  • Self-exploration is like digging a hole; the deeper you dig, the more difficult it is to get the dirt out.

  • A friend is for the moment; an enemy is f3:39 PM 11/19/2004or a lifetime.

  • The true equality of all humans may be an aspiration, but it can never be an actualization.


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