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  • Those that seek wisdom will probably find that the most important first step is to question every authority’s infallibility and regard every fact as being true, but only in varying degrees of probability.

  • Some live their lives as though they want to be the first to finish.

  • Express affection as if giving a gift and not as if making a loan.

  • When confronting grief, defeat, and life’s disappointments, it is easy to go through the stages of denial, and anger before finally accepting what has already happened; once one has learned how to bypass denial and anger, by going directly to acceptance, personal progress towards an enriching life can begin once again.

  • Although we often judge others by their appearance, we should always remember that appearance is often a camouflage for something quite different than what it appears.

  • To reach for the stars and expect to grab them is madness; but choosing to never reach for them is even a greater madness.

  • Many regard the ability to remain unaltered by one’s surrounding forces, as a sign of strength; but, it is that inability or unwillingness to change that has doomed those that went before, while those that permitted themselves to change, evolved and prospered. Those that encouraged the change prospered most of all.

  • Having a dream will not produce a better life for us or anyone else; but, a dream will often produce an action that does.

  • Often, the best thing about getting a firm grip on reality is that it won’t let go of you.

  • Almost any goal that a rational person might choose is attainable once it is learned how to ignore fears and desires.

  • It is surprising how many people stumble and argue over the meanings of words, when words actually mean nothing; however people mean a great deal by the words that they use, which should be our only endeavor in trying to understand one another’s words.

  • One of the most certain ways for a person to become unhappy is to dwell on the question- ”Am I happy?”

  • One of the bravest acts of courage is to let loose of all of one’s most cherished beliefs without a clue as to what may follow.

  • Those that seek to find themselves, must first recognize that they are lost. *

  • The fear of being thought stupid by being wrong, has prevented many from ever being thought brilliant by being right.

  • We should all go crazy once in a while just so that we can develop some empathy for everyone else.

  • Those that boast of their wisdom are the ones that must boast for it to be recognized.

  • No matter how high the cost of living, we still begrudge the bargain.

  • Falling in love is a form of madness whose only cure is time.

  • People can be divided, but far from equally, into those that will respond primarily to their fears and desires, and those that will pursue their plans, regardless of their fears or desires.

  • What we lack in farsightedness is usually more than made up for in our shortsightedness.

  • It is strange how difficult it is to put desire into another while it is so easy to insert hate.

  • Trust is firmly founded when another believes that it is certain that there is more to be lost in violating a trust than would be gained by not doing so.

  • Time is infinite; the problem in wasting time isn’t that the future is lacking for it; the problem is that we are.

  • A young man may win a young girl’s heart, but an old man has to be the highest bidder.

  • In most instances, our failure to achieve our goals is not blocked by what is outside of us but by the lack of resolve that is within us.

  • Before we can discover who we really are, we must first remove the masks of fear and desire.

  • It is better to deliberate slowly and act decisively than to deliberate quickly and act timidly.

  • Beware of those that advise you about a path in life for which they have never traveled.

  • Heated arguments are the today’s equivalent of dueling.


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