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  • When evil is welcomed into us, it comes dressed as virtue.

  • Intuition is reasoning without words; and like reasoning with words, tends to be equally faulty.

  • It is a misfortune that the saying- “Beauty is only skin deep.” stands unchallenged, because it is clear that beauty is much more than skin deep.

  • That blood is thicker than water is of little interest to one that thirsts.

  • Having a superficial understanding of oneself is like having good ears but being deaf.

  • Death should be regarded as creative destruction at the personal level.

  • Like many things in life, roses have no thorns and thorns have no roses, but rose bushes have both.

  • Every creative act poses a threat to those that are standing still.

  • In large measure, trying to understand another is like trying to read alphabet soup.

  • Receiving opportunities, that we are unprepared for, are like eunuchs receiving invitations to The Playboy Mansion.

  • When intellect and wisdom come together, they should be considered like cojoined twins that should never be parted.

  • How can anyone be regarded as free if felt compelled to act like others. How can anyone be regarded as free while obsessed about what others think?

  • The line between genius and madness shifts with the time and the place.

  • Grief is a wound to our soul that may heal but leaves a scar that never wanes.

  • We should take care, whenever we fail, to never reward that failure in even the most minor way, or else we will make failure a habit.

  • The edifice of happiness is peculiar to each individual; though central to all happiness is a feeling of being free.

  • We delight in the delusion that we can control our future

  • Excellent mental health comes from having the same neuroses as those about you.

  • Far more would rather increase their risk of adversity by inaction than be forced to take responsibility for a lower risk of adversity by acting.

  • Those who cannot remember history are condemned to remain ignorant of human nature.

  • Some take humor very seriously.

  • Mankind exists like a burning fuse, that is intense at one point, and leaving only ashes behind, and never knowing how much is ahead or whether there will be an explosion when the end is reached.

  • One right that cannot be taken from us is the right to be imperfect.


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Page 113 of  161

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