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  • Life tends to seem shortest to those that have used it the least.

  • Has anyone ever explained, when a person is said to be left holding the short end of a stick, how a stick could have a long end and a short end?

  • Although understanding one another may be a two-way street, everyone doesnít know how to drive only on their own side.

  • The decision to be above average is an indication that you already are for the simple reason that the average person will never make that decision because of believing that he already is.

  • Americanís aversion to genetically engineered foods is further evidence that we can even discover hobgoblins sitting on our dinner plates.

  • Judging others by appearances is like believing to know the contents of a gift before unwrapping.

  • Throughout life, and especially when aging, the past isnít what it used to be.

  • Those that marry men only for their money are just hookers with higher prices and more patience.

  • Those that believe that knowledge is the pinnacle of mankindís attainment have overlooked that the awareness of that which is either unknown or unknowable is a step beyond mere knowledge.

  • Old memories, not accessed for years, get permanently misfiled in our brains and sometimes turn up later in our dreams of things that we believe that weíve never known.

  • It is easy to babble endlessly in ignorance, because the limits of ignorance are boundless; by contrast being limited to what is verifiable is confining because the universe of knowledge is so small by comparison.

  • Our morals tend to be wonderful things to impose on others but theirs are terrible things if imposed on us.

  • A personal attack by another is a desperate act that indicates that reason, as a weapon, is lacking.

  • Whatever luck is supposed to be, it works best the less that you depend on it.

  • The longer that something false is held as true, the more it becomes true and the less it becomes false.

  • Justice like beauty resides solely in the minds of the beholders.

  • Although history tends to repeat itself, what makes history most believable is that historians tend to repeat themselves.


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