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  • The existentialist never crosses the line between what is right and what is wrong, because he carries the line with him.

  • Although others will hear you when you shout, they will listen carefully if you whisper.

  • Dwell in the present but be intimate with the past; for it is the past that most clearly reveals what others are most likely to do now and in the future.

  • It is better to be a true companion to oneself than a false companion to the many.

  • We create an opportunity to keep our word each time that we give it.

  • In some ways, words are more dangerous than guns; guns have the ability to wound, and then you heal; guns have the ability to kill, and then you suffer no more; words though , have the ability to wound and cause pain and anguish throughout the rest of your life.

  • One advantage that we have over plants is that we are able to make our own sunshine.

  • If individuals were only more concerned about developing their characters instead of developing their reputations, their reputations would be higher and they would finally possess the highest integrity.

  • In the most complete analysis, we are all the product of determinism; but once circumstances have caused us to accept the concept of “Free Will” the game of life is played like a card game where jokers are wild and all of the cards are jokers.

  • It would be helpful, in our adapting to a changing world, if we would hold all of our strongest beliefs as being only assumptions that are weakly doubted.

  • Many confuse the search for truth with the search to affirm one’s beliefs.

  • We are not so much defeated by the strength of our opponents, or by our own weaknesses, but by total lack of our resolve.

  • Often our hunger for compliments results in our hoarding our compliments as though giving any to others would deplete our meager few,

  • Making friends is more an act of discovery than manufacturing.

  • If one is going to have a long life of lying, it would be wise to speak little.

  • Exchanging ideas is not a zero sum transaction, but a function of either addition or multiplication.

  • Establishing priorities in life should be a case of starting at the top and working down..

  • The thing that should be most procrastinated is procrastination.

  • It seems to be that those that are dissatisfied with merely putting one foot in their mouth will go for two without any urging.

  • Those that seek to cause envy in others are more deserving of pity than of envy.

  • Few things reveal the smallness of character as when trying to impress others with what little one has.

  • Fears aren’t irrational; rather we are irrational about what we fear.

  • When confronting two vices, many will choose the lesser one only so that they can save the best one for last.

  • When we claim to understand, we should understand that our understanding has just begun.

  • That which we flee from, that can’t harm us, tells us more about what we are than anything that we could say.

  • “I can’t.’ is a hypothesis. “I can try again.” is a fact.

  • If we would only stop and think for a moment, we would discover, that what we are trying to acquire, we already have within us.

  • To what extent that we find ourselves so attached to anything that we feel that we couldn’t freely give it up, to that extent we are tethered to that thing. We are thus less free because of that attachment, and the most enslaved of all are those that have the most attachments that they feel that they can’t live without. The mind operates in the same way when we develop beliefs that we would regard as impossible to abandon, thus enslaving our minds in the very same way that we have enslaved our bodies.


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