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  • It is easy to get your name perpetuated forever; all you need do is change your name to “Anonymous”.

  • Memory is the liar we always believe.

  • The source of joy is peculiar to every individual and must be discovered individually, and not by following the directions of those that have already found theirs.

  • Some of the longest lasting things that we will ever make are words; the words of praise and criticism that we give to another often last the lifetime of the recipient.

  • One of the unique abilities of humans is the ability to laugh; yet, it is one thing that we understand so little about but do so readily.

  • Love is extemporaneous if genuine; if love is planned it is fakery.

  • No matter how much the applause, life provides no curtain calls.

  • Our views of the future are little more than a kind of Rorschach inkblot tests.

  • The older one gets, the more difficult it becomes to remember what memory was when young.

  • Those that are disturbed by the different opinions of others, are, could it be known, primarily disturbed by the doubts that they have about their own opinions.

  • True of most, is that their passions shout while their reasoning whimpers.

  • No matter how perfect anything seems to be, it is mankind’s tendency to look ever closer to show that it is not.

  • Power, when possessed by those that feel insecure, means that those that are without power will be less secure.

  • One of the strangest things, about telling a lie over long periods, is that the liar starts to believe the lie.

  • There is a very large difference between those in touch with reality and those that embrace it.

  • Reputations are not, no matter how hard we may try, established on what we claim that we have done; and any attempt to do so is a sign of weakness, not strength.

  • Those that strive for revenge, unknowingly strive for self-destruction.

  • Risk is present in every moment of our existence; all we can do is increase risk or reduce it; sometimes to do nothing incurs a greater risk than if we act.

  • The fine line between sanity and madness is composed of dust only, and can easily be dispersed by the winds of social turmoil.

  • If we examine our lives closely, we will discover that we are all hypocritical fools with only the hope of not becoming even greater fools.

  • It is not unwise to follow the methods of those that have succeeded, but it is unwise to believe that success is guaranteed in the attempt.

  • A backbone, too often stiffened, will fail of brittleness.

  • Rare, and perhaps unknown, is the individual that is without an addiction of some sort.

  • Confidence is optimism wearing suspenders.


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