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  • The nonsense of one generation becomes the manure for growing the nonsense of the next generation.

  • The person that you tend to become most like, is the person that you believe yourself to already be.

  • We should never fear to ask ourselves questions even if we believe they have no answers.

  • Advertising has done an excellent job of bringing desire to the many but has done a poor job of bringing happiness to any.

  • There is no question but what reality exists; but there is every question as to what it is.

  • If you believe in reincarnation, how can you ever be sure that you haven’t “been there, done that”?

  • If life gets too heavy to bear, don’t blame gravity.

  • If you never arrive, can you still be regarded as late?

  • The illusions of youth grow into the delusions of mid-life and wilt into the disillusions of late-life.

  • Love that seems to exist only because of a piece of paper that says that it must, is like a book that claims that every word within is true.

  • Some people seem to believe, that since curiosity killed the cat, that they might be next.

  • To say that something is good or bad, and all of the many words that are similar, is not to communicate information but to communicate feelings. To understand this will lead to fewer disputes as one would hardly dispute that the feelings of another exist.

  • The greatest understanding is to understand that most of what we “understand” is misunderstandings; by doing so we acknowledge that most of what we want to understand cannot and perhaps never will be understood. All that we can do is come closer to understanding without inventing “final truths” that will be abandoned later.

  • The long-term progress of mankind depends upon beliefs following wherever facts take it. When we allow beliefs to label untruths as facts, we have regressed into darkness.

  • Those that are confident that they speak the truth, are untroubled by the disbeliefs of others, for they know that truth will always triumph over that which is false.

  • Most believe that in the daylight that they can see the furthest; however, it is on the blackest of nights that we can see the furthest if we would only look to the skies.

  • Those that say that we should never doubt ourselves seem to be in denial about reality. We are much more likely to cause failures by not remembering that our choices are very often in error than by believing that they never are.


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