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  • Like books, we should never judge others by their covers.

  • Having talent is like owning fertile ground; it still has to be plowed, planted, and weeded, before there can be a harvest.

  • Dividends donít only come from owning stocks; the greatest dividends of all are received when we continue to give consideration to the feelings and rights of others.

  • The mistakes that weíve made in the past are not to be forgotten, as many would prefer; rather they should be remembered like the captain of a ship remembers the location of shoals.

  • The eagerness to listen, results in an increase in knowledge, which is diminished proportionally by an eagerness to speak.

  • Although many of the Earthís natural resources may be exhausted through human extraction, one human extraction actually increases the Earthís supply; and that is our extraction of the knowledge developed by others.

  • Freedom is a wonderful thing to have guaranteed in our laws; however, many freedoms are meaningless unless one has first acquired the economic means to exercise them.

  • It is not enough to be in the right place at the right time if you are not in the right frame of mind to act.

  • Each door that knowledge opens, opens into a corridor of many other doors,

  • Often it is easier to find our way if we first close our eyes.

  • Truth never flees from us; rather it is we that flee from it when it disagrees with what we prefer.

  • No one can realize who they are, and what they might become, while struggling beneath the overburden of fear.

  • We could see more clearly if only we stopped getting our own way.

  • To help us focus on what is important, it is helpful to classify the things that we want to be changed into two different groups: -those that we care enough to act upon, and those that we prefer, but donít care enough to act upon. In this way we arenít distracted by the irrelevant; this permits us to become focused on only those things that really matter to us.

  • It is wise to trust in ourselves, but, only if we first know who we are; otherwise, it is wise to be skeptical of ourselves.

  • It is easy to change how the world about us appears; all that need be done is change what is within us.

  • If it is really only truth that we seek, why do we care whether others regard us as being correct?

  • Many wish that they didnít have to endure the hardships and challenges of life; this is a wish that will be granted to all whether wished for or not.

  • There is only one way to avoid being misquoted; that way is to express nothing.

  • If you remain a conformist, youíll end up being like everyone else. Is that a surprise?

  • The word impossible should be defined as: That which hasnít been done yet.

  • Donít be angry just because another may think that he is better than you; after all what goes on inside of his head is his problem; what you allow to go on inside of your head is your problem.

  • The only way that we can avoid casting a shadow is to become the source of light.

  • One of the secrets of a happy and successful life is to discover what kind of thing that you most like to do, and then find a way to make money doing it.

  • When there is something that must be done, the best time is always the day before tomorrow.

  • Before the world can owe anyone a living, the living has to first be deposited in the world.

  • Courage isnít found merely by acting, with disregard to danger, if that is the expectation of a culture; rather courage is discovered when one acts in accordance to oneís deepest beliefs, when that act is in opposition to the norms of a culture.


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