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  • A personís beauty fades quickly to one attracted to it, but the beauty within captures forever.

  • Time is the thief that is never caught even though it never stops robbing us of that which is most valuable.

  • For others to regard you as being beyond all hope, may not be such a bad thing; it all depends on what they were hoping for

  • In others, we call it envy; in ourselves, we call it recognition of the unfairness of life.

  • Being critical of the young is like plucking the feathers from a bird and expecting it to fly.

  • Although it is true that ďSticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us.Ē, it is also true that many have died because of mere words.

  • We tend to see ourselves, not as we are, but through the eyes of others.

  • In life, many more are bystanders than participants.

  • Wanting to live long without aging is like wanting green that contains no yellow.

  • The hostility, which teenagers develop towards their parents, may be evolutionís way of getting them pushed out of the nest; donít disappoint evolution.

  • When we cease to wonder, we start to die.

  • A sense of security is solace to the development of danger.

  • There are many that would be discontented even if life worked out the exact way that they planned.

  • Character is that steely residue that remains after pride is eroded away.

  • With some exceptions, life only comes in one flavor; but we are the ones that add the toppings.

  • The future arrives only one moment at a time, while past accumulates one memory at a time.

  • Success is often the ability to allow opportunities to feast on the carrion of our failures.

  • We should wonder why we fear so much of what canít harm, and desire so much of what canít help.

  • Many hide their defects as if they were treasures to be preserved forever instead of repairing them.

  • There are always those that seem so disposed, that they could find darkness even within a beam of light.

  • As life is made of time, so also is death; the difference is that life also contains action while death inaction.

  • Being smart but without ambition is like shivering before a well stocked hearth without a match.

  • When young we knew everything except our own ignorance.

  • How much improved we would all be if we could progress as much during times of prosperity as we do during times of adversity.

  • Do we have any basis for believing that others would be any more receptive to our advice then we are to theirs?

  • In all of life, we are surrounded by the things that we love, which we would benefit in being without, and surrounded by those things which we dislike, but would benefit by having; wisdom is seeking the latter and avoiding the former.

  • Our misfortunes shape us as does the hammer of a blacksmith shape iron; it is up to us to be the blacksmith that chooses the shape.

  • Almost always, our anxiety about the future magnifies its source and minimizes our ability to deal with the present.

  • Any ability that is lost late in life is ever found again; any ability that is gained late in life is seldom lost.

  • The slippery slope of personal corruption is not only easy to descend, but is doubly difficult if ever choosing to ascend.

  • The person that indicates pride of ancestors boasts of one thing that could not be avoided.

  • Compassion for the sorrows of others lightens the burden of our own sorrows.

  • Try to replace anger with being perplexed at the negative behavior of others; this will reward you with peace of mind and often cause the offenders to become perplexed in return.

  • Anticipation of joy is to rob the future of a part of it.

  • Can there be any hope for mankind as long as we more value the clothes that are worn than the character within?

  • Ours is not to wonder why, or why we are born and so soon to die.


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