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  • The mature mind carries with it its own cheering section and has no need to seek the applause of others.

  • Older generations seldom err more than when they judge the present and future by their own pasts.

  • If there were a hundred pound stone, one would accomplish little by applying one pound of lifting for one hundred seconds, but would lift it by applying one-hundred pounds of lifting for one second; and so it is with most of life; much can be accomplished by focusing and very little by diffusing one’s efforts.

  • There are critical moments in life when our choices determine much of what our future will be; but it is the habits that we acquire that will largely determine what we will become.

  • One might be thought a pessimist for preparing for calamity; however, that person might actually be an optimist that believes in his surviving the worst that life can deliver.

  • Joy is like an echo in that the closer the recipient is to its provider, the faster its return until finally it seems instantaneous with the act.

  • Our mistakes are like potholes on the road of life, when, if we are wise and hit one, we learn to keep a closer eye on the road ahead.

  • If you tend to put off, what you can do today until tomorrow, you will probably want an encore tomorrow. 1*

  • When you meet another halfway, when there is a chasm in-between, you both lose.

  • Often our ease of understanding has less to do with our mental powers and more to do with how shallow an answer can be that we’ll accept.

  • Generally, it is the losers that believe it is important to win arguments.

  • Some look at marriage as a kind of bondage to another; but when chosen well, marriage can be like providing that second wing so that both can soar.

  • Never worry about the young person that seems to have an unquenchable curiosity, as that individual’s education will continue to grow throughout life; it is the individual that has little or no curiosity that will have difficulty in life, as their intellectual growth will be weak and stunted.

  • Those that aim too high in life will often end up claiming that it was the fault of the targets.

  • When we find ourselves unable to explain something in simple terms to someone that has little background in what is being explained, our problem probably is that we don’t understand it either.

  • Water will continue to run downhill until it meets with resistance, as so also do our beliefs when our comfort with them causes no resistance. Our beliefs tend to change only when they are discomforted by contrary beliefs, but that is when we tend to cling most tightly to that which is old and comfortable.

  • The first task in personal development is to learn to be a friend to yourself.

  • The more sunshine that we bring to those about us, the brighter will be our own day.

  • Those that do good only to receive the acclaim of others, has settled for too little.

  • To seek happiness directly is like expecting the wake of a boat to be found in front.

  • Why is it that most people would take offence in being said to be just like everyone else, when most of their day seems to be devoted to that very end?

  • Even if we were certain that life had no purpose, it would still be wise to assume that it does, for without believing that life has a purpose, we would be like a rudderless ship in a vast and nameless sea.

  • Look deeply within yourself to discover that, which makes you different from everyone else, then take that difference and develop it in such a way that you can take pleasure and a means of making a living from it.

  • We are all aware of the placebo effect when one feels better only because of the treatment administered. There is also a negative-placebo effect when one feels worse only because of some unwanted event. When we can, we need to focus on those negative events, and try to discover some positive aspects within most of them, and then focus on them, thereby turning even these negative-placebo events into positive-placebo events.

  • No matter how bright, sunglasses will never be needed when you look on the bright side of things.


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