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  • The problem isn’t that there are enough people with common sense; the problem is that there aren’t enough people with uncommon sense.

  • In searching for information on any matter, it is easy to get too much information. We should all remember that the more information that we have, the greater the opportunity to choose the misinformation that suits our personal purposes.

  • Civilizations tend to create molds for us to fit into; it is up to the individual that wants to remain free, to not fit in without breaking the mold.

  • The bee gathers nectar for making the honey that it will never sample and is fulfilled in the process; if only we were more like the bee and less like the hog. *

  • Shame comes from doing those things that we would never do if others were watching.

  • It is a toss-up as to whether ignorance or unverifiable beliefs will bring on the greater calamity to mankind.

  • To blame the prior generation, for the conditions of today, is to state the obvious; as each generation is the cause of the one that follows.

  • Dividing a people into classes is a mindless division of several continuums into meaningless clumps.

  • A small weight, carried a long distance, becomes heavier with the distance, the same way that a guilt, that may have been small to begin with, becomes a burden with time.

  • Generally, the less we know on a subject, the more likely we are to believe that we understand it.

  • The most unwise of choices is taking that path in life, strewn with those in sorrow, thinking that one is immune to what others were not.

  • Who are we to ever say that someone died before their time? Doesn’t another’s death define their time?

  • It is easier to connect failure to chance than it is to lack of being prepared.

  • The rolling stone gathers no moss, or anything else for that matter, except perhaps momentum.

  • One of the most amazing things about the human brain is that it can contain so many conflicting beliefs without any sense of chaos.

  • Reputation is built like an exquisite sand castle that takes long to build but only moments to destroy.

  • While the nonconformist arouses the fears of a group, the nonconformist is opening the doors towards becoming free.

  • Discontent is a necessary ingredient in the manufacture of unhappiness, and its corollary is that contentedness is a necessary ingredient in the manufacture of happiness.

  • Beware of any virtue that is born suddenly without any discernable pregnancy.

  • Possessing charity with out action is like possessing a light bulb without electricity.

  • Our inability to understand great issues is easily demonstrated by trying to understand time. We can neither understand how time could have existed without a beginning, nor can we understand how time could have had a beginning. Perhaps neither is a possibility, but we can’t understand what a third possibility could be either.

  • No burden is as heavy as the one we are forced to bear.

  • When we long for the “good old days”, what we long for is the time when we were valued instead of being ignored as in the present.

  • The closest that we’ll ever come to being exposed to space-aliens, are out children.

  • Freedom is measured by the number of choices that are available of which the individual is aware.

  • It is true that people tend to believe whatever they want; the surprising thing is that some of the things that they believe turn out to be true.

  • Life can be a continuing process of becoming free, that, when looking back on what we once were, we recognize that we were very far from being free, even though at that time, we believed we were.

  • It shouldn’t be surprising, that if we fall for someone that they will walk all over us; if we remain standing we just might proceed as equals.

  • The concept of “unnatural” is meaningless; at one time it was unnatural to live in a house instead of a cave.

  • If we were as concerned by the slovenliness of our thoughts as we are of our bodies, we would reduce most of our problems to those caused by nature.

  • What we regard as thought is most likely an array of Pavlovian reflexes that combine to produce a well disguised expression that no longer recognizes its origins.

  • The person that is happy all alone has the companion of fear.

  • Fears tend to increase in proportion to ignorance, and tend to disappear in proportion to knowledge. Since fears are the basis of most strife, only through knowledge will strife dissipate.

  • Social conformity is usually a requirement in any group; but the conformity that is most satisfying is conforming to that standard that is only found deep with each of us.

  • Is it really contentment if one’s contentment is with a life that is constantly improving?


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