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  • In old age, it is easy to see that the certainties of youth were only delusions; it is also easy to see that without those delusions that succeeding in life would have been much less certain.

  • The most significant truths are never those that we want to hear because what makes them most significant is that we want to never hear then.

  • Dogmas anchor us to the past while the winds of change strain us to move forward.

  • It is difficult to distinguish between the mental abilities of those that are average, but intensely motivated, and those who are true geniuses but are unmotivated.

  • The desire to know can be regarded as a virtue until it becomes so strong as to know that which is false.

  • Our delusions provide us with the confidence to proceed unafraid into ruin.

  • For every person that we recognize as a hero, there are thousands of “sheroes”, living desperately day by day, providing for their families.

  • It is wise to remember that when others give their word, that it is only a word. It is the character of the individuals that determines the worth of their words.

  • Few things so anger as for it to be shown that there is no logical basis for a belief.

  • Those that are prone to straddling fences, will, after a while, have reproductive problems.

  • Freedom’s origin isn’t in the culture about us; its origin is in our heads

  • If American’s become any more hypersensitive to affront, there soon will be nothing that is innocuous.

  • Dogmas of the past are ill-suited for the problems of today and should be put in the catacombs of our minds like the long discarded myths that we are aware of but seldom employ.

  • Many males overlook the obvious fact that before they can become a great man that they first must become a man.

  • The things that many treasure more than their lives are their beliefs; for many have died for their beliefs, most of which are abandoned and forgotten today.

  • When we say that we threw everything in but the kitchen sink, we somehow elevate the kitchen sink to an icon of questionable worth.

  • Sometimes when we’ve done our best, it isn’t as beneficial as our second best.

  • More important than attaining the goals in life is in just having them.

  • Like many of us, the crowing of a rooster is only a hypothesis, as it doesn’t know if it was successful or failed of which it crows.

  • Although we know for certain that there are things that exist that we cannot yet measure, the inability to measure something should be the first hint that it may not exist.

  • Swimming looks easy to one that has never been in deep water; likewise, it is easy to feel brave before there is any necessity to be so.

  • Truths arrive slowly like pushing a boulder up a hill while untruths come easily like the boulder rolling down the hill.

  • The peacock’s feathers are often worn by those that could only afford those of the sparrow.

  • If we want, we can discover many things in life without ever moving a muscle, such as the fault of others or the beauty in living.

  • Although we tend to fear the unknown, we fail to recognize that in each minute that we live because we live in the familiar unknown.

  • Humans so desire to know that they know much of what is unknowable.

  • Because we tend to believe that which is most comforting, the most important truths are found in the mirror images of what we believe.

  • The words of others are more suspect the more forcefully their truths are claimed.

  • One of the problems with memories is that we remember dreams and imaginings without putting those labels o them, and then forget that they never happened.

  • A commitment is an investment, not of money, but of self.

  • It is usually the case that seeing is believing; however, there is much believing without seeing.

  • Because one claims to be an authority is not a reason to believe, but it is a reason to consider.

  • History is what occurred in the past and shouldn’t be confused with the accounts of history that occur in the present.

  • Truth is most often overlooked because it contains no comfort.

  • Exceptions to rules are like the cracks in mighty rocks that provide a place for roots to grow and rip apart the rock.

  • The measure of what is offensive seems to rise in proportion to population densities.

  • Those that claim that life is unfair have never read the rulebook so how do they know?

  • Those that have reasons for their beliefs, reason. Those that have no reasons for their beliefs, anger.


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