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  • Our focus shouldn’t be on whether our glasses are half-full or half-empty, but focused on what is inside the glass.

  • Since the truth shall set us free, we shouldn’t wonder that so few of us are free; as we tend to cling to beliefs for no other reason than our ancestors did the same; but, they weren’t free either.

  • The fuel that one needs to go far isn’t so much brain-power as it is persistence-power.

  • The first step isn’t in the taking of the first step; it is in deciding to take the first step.

  • To have something, that is not shared by another, is to only receive half of the joy of having.

  • Long and rarely used words, are used in an attempt to impress, not to communicate.

  • After biting off more than you can chew, it is definitely not the time to start talking.

  • Destiny can be the road that we believe we must take, or it can be the road that we choose to make.

  • We need to always remember that our limitations aren’t what they used to be.

  • Traveling the “road of doubt” provides little comfort, but at least it leads somewhere; traveling the “road of certainty” provides great comfort, but it only goes in a circle and leads only to itself.

  • Seeking earthly immortality is seeking the unattainable; all that can become semi-immortal, are our names and what others have chosen to write about us, be it true or false.

  • Individuals, cultures, and nations, are all in a relay race where we take the baton, of those that went before, and carry it forward; those that receive the baton, as if it were the prize, and then refuse to proceed with it, must surely lose the race.

  • If you persevere against obstacles, and persevere against opponents, you will succeed, as it is rare that obstacles cannot be overcome, and remote that opponents will be like you in their unwillingness to quit.

  • The easiest way to keep cold out of our lives is to move to a climate where there is none; likewise, the easiest way to keep negativism out of our lives is to choose to be surrounded by those that have none.

  • It is an act of courage to do what one has doubts about as though there was only certainty instead.

  • We need to be sure, that as children grow up, that they also grow a rudder.

  • People, like gold mines, never appear as to what they are until after careful investigation.

  • Humility can open our eyes that were closed by pride.

  • The most certain way to maximize the harm, that we believe that another has done to us, is to never forgive and then plan for revenge.

  • There is a vast difference between the moral fiber of one who was reared to be considerate of others and does so, and one that was reared in the absence of being taught to be considerate of others, but is considerate of others anyway; the first did only what was taught; the second did what was discovered as being right.

  • If you ever bite the hand that feeds you, that should immediately cause you to say: “Ouch!”

  • When we fall in love, the impact is sweet and soft.

  • One of the worst things about living is the realization of our failure to a loved one.

  • To cling to the past in a rapidly changing world is like trying to save an anchor when the ship is sinking.

  • Perhaps the only secret to being a late bloomer is to not be an early “wilter”.

  • To not make enemies isn’t difficult, as it is merely the duty of a rock unless it is thrown at another.

  • Throughout life, in the absence of cowardice, honor is inevitable.

  • The sanctuary of sameness with others is paid for by the loss of the individual’s self-realizations.

  • Usually, the weaker the argument is, the louder the person.


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