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  • The past will always seem better than the present to those that go through their memories like they do when going through a cafeteria.

  • If we saw ourselves as others see us, we would probably look more like the background.

  • Those that have nothing to regret are poor historians of their own lives.

  • Those searching for truth should be prepared to not look away once spied because it often appears as a predator to our ways.

  • It is possible to be 100% truthful yet speak only that which is untrue.

  • The most important beauty that we will ever discover is not found about us but will be found within.

  • The less we know about problems, the more we imagine ourselves wise in their solutions.

  • In ignorance and in darkness, anything that we imagine can seem plausible.

  • Life comes to us without purpose, but we come to life by giving it purpose.

  • Equality is a worthy goal and an unworthy expectation.

  • The beliefs that we have that were never experienced, are really only assumptions until experienced; only after experiences do the assumptions become held as certainties.

  • To understand the words of another is far from understanding the person.

  • Successful people have learned that the road to success is paved with failures.

  • Even with our best attempts, words are poor tools for describing life; as it turns out, only living can do that.

  • We have delusions of permanence in a world where nothing is.

  • Although not perfect, the most accurate book that we will probably ever read is the phone book.

  • Faith is mankindís defense against the fear of what is unknowable.

  • Most individuals tend to be more attracted to myths that are impossible to prove than they are to facts that are readily provable.

  • The intensity of our beliefs bears no relationship to their truthfulness.

  • The reasons why there is so little value for truth today is because of its great abundance compared with its tiny demand.

  • Although still not perfect, the most accurate book that we will probably ever read is the phone book.

  • It is possible that there is no Devil, and if not, ignorance will serve us the same.

  • Humans are just like their pets in that they can be trained by being rewarded in what they do. How else can it be explained that mankind clings to so much of that which is nonsense?

  • Although bigotry isnít genetic in origin, it tends to pass down through successive generations as though it were.

  • Truth seems to originate in the numbers of people that believe it; this is like going to a polling booth in order to elect truth.

  • It is easy to regard what mankind does as being apart from nature; were an ant to think, it would regard itself as apart from nature too. We must remember that all that we do is natural, as it is impossible for a product of nature to do otherwise. It is just that we are a very unusual facet of nature and are not mere spectators.

  • Truth seems to be valued according to the laws of supply and demand; when a truth is expressed in excess, its value approaches zero.

  • Many equate knowing themselves by knowing their inventory of fears and desires.

  • No matter how good something is, when it is excessive, it becomes bad; however when something is bad, no matter how much it is reduced, it still is regarded as bad.

  • Eliminating what oppresses us doesnít create freedom; all that does is open its door. Freedom, when found, will be found within. It is the feeling of not being constrained in what we do. This is possible even when it may appear to others that our constraints abound.

  • If the truth shall set you free, it wonít be because it was only spoken once; because the first time it will be thought of as lunacy.

  • The first thing that children should be taught in school is to doubt all that will follow.

  • When an exception to a rule is found, the rule becomes a generality and not a rule.

  • The stature of an individual is not measured by the gauges used by others but by the character that each individual carries within.

  • The main value of the internet is that it enables us to find the maximum amount of information to support what we already believe.

  • There are no silly questions, but, there are millions of silly answers.


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