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  • One of the happiest things that you can tell another is how happy they have made you.

  • Think of your yesterdays as cancelled checks that tell you how you spent your days, and think of today as a blank check just waiting to be spent for what you value now.

  • Most often, the greater the urge to speak, the wiser the silence to keep.

  • When paying a compliment, donít expect to get any change.

  • Treat your limitations as though they were records just waiting for you to break.

  • An excess of confidence is indistinguishable from an excess of danger.

  • There are many wrongs that we do that are made worse by trying to make them right.

  • The best reason to act wiser than we are is that by so doing we may become wiser than we were.

  • We would probably all live as long as Methuselah if we didnít have to count the time that we waste.

  • Trying to be perfect is like trying to reach the horizon.

  • It is well to judge the future by the past, but a mistake to expect that the future will be like the past.

  • The challenge before us is to cause following generations to develop in a state of security that is based on knowledge and not fear; if insecurity is what is developed, then a rush to power and dominance is guaranteed.

  • If you write something that seems right, even though you donít understand it, many will.

  • Even though we cast a larger shadow, the closer we are to the source of a light, the shadow becomes less and less dark and ill-defined until it seems to vanish in much the same ways that a fear fades when we approach its source.

  • Perhaps opportunity does knock only once, but that doesnít mean that you canít still go out and catch up with it.

  • In dealing with others, you should provide lessons for them to take instead of your teaching to them.

  • To what extent we donít control our thoughts; to that extent we relinquish the rights to our own minds.

  • It is probable that nature is totally indifferent to us; but it would be folly to be totally indifferent to it.

  • The next time that you are in trouble and someone asks if there is anything that they can do for you, surprise them and say- Yes.

  • If you have done something, that you regret or are ashamed of, it is impossible to see how another would be benefited by your confession, but it is easy to see how you might be harmed

  • Unlike when driving a car, when you are going through lifeís bumpy parts, donít slow down.

  • The balance sheet of life only tallies what we have done without any mention of our intentions.

  • Building character should always be regarded as a case of ďwork in progressĒ.

  • Donít dilute yourself by imitating others; the world will probably like you better taken straight.

  • The game of life is easiest to win if you make up the rules as you go along.

  • Why is it that you can lose a good reputation but not a bad one?

  • It isnít that inactivity causes unhappiness; rather it is unhappiness that produces inactivity.

  • Dreaming is productive until it gets close to being all that one does.


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