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  • “Forgotten But Not Gone” is the epitaph for the long deceased beliefs of our childhoods.

  • There are those, so consumed by hate, that if all hate could be removed, only an empty shell would remain.

  • It is unfortunate that the eyes have lids but the ears do not.

  • It is true, that with most Americans, much more concern is devoted to what is on the outside of their heads than what is within them.

  • Without enthusiasm, for day to day living, all of the wealth in the world will leave each of us feeling impoverished.

  • It is tempting to award the title “genius” to one that recognizes our own intellectual abilities.

  • What may seem like a hypocrite may be only someone that is holding up an ideal to grow into.

  • The future comes to us with the promise of a banquet with only cold gruel for desert.

  • Happiness is a custom made recipe for each individual; a recipe that will fail, in someway, as being adequate for another.

  • We would be freer of fears were they not such handy instruments to manipulate one another.

  • Perhaps the hardest habits to overcome are those acquired in our childhood that were based on emotions and not reason. The habit of using reason instead of emotion most often distinguishes the successful from the failures.

  • The ill, that we are prone to do, is fertilized by opportunity and bears its fruit in the darkness.

  • Envy is a parasite that multiplies and devours its host the longer it is allowed a home.

  • Unusual is the person that can stare any truth in the eye without flinching and quickly departing.

  • Generosity comes from the heart; while charity comes from a need give for some purpose known only to the donor.

  • We learn nothing by recognizing the faults of others, but we could learn something of ourselves by trying to understand why we notice any faults in another.

  • Many a life has been wrecked by having a face too attractive.

  • Hostility is like a dagger that always rests, sheathed by security, that once fear removes the sheath, the dagger looks for blood.

  • Fantasy is a land well worth visiting, and even more worth leaving.

  • Instead of making examples for others to follow, we need more of those who will make new paths for others to follow.

  • Even if reincarnation were true, what reason is there that I should care for someone that I don’t remember and can’t be sure even exists?

  • Error is an inevitability of living, and like all unpleasantries, they are best put quickly behind us but not forgotten as to their causes.

  • Often the eyes cannot see that which is most obvious.

  • Our emotions create hidden minefields to the progress of our reason.

  • A young person’s plans for the rest of life should be regarded as a form of helpful amusement.

  • Life has no innate protocol although our lives are lived as though they did.

  • Evil is often the handmaiden of good intentions.

  • An intense desire for fame is often an intense desire to become a target.

  • It seems to be our nature to believe whatever we want to believe, and therefore what we will continue to believe will be arbitrary until we want to believe only that which is verifiable.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 118 of  161

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