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  • It is easier to create a belief in something that is false than it is to remove that belief with a truth.

  • Although there are many that are handicapped mentally because of genetics, there are thousands of times more that are mentally handicapped by dogmas and superstitions.

  • Only through knowledge can we begin to grasp the magnitude of our ignorance.

  • Matters, which are widely disputed around the world as being true, are probably all false.

  • More important than what we believe is the knowledge of what to not believe.

  • If silence indicates agreement, it is easy to see why those that live alone develop such strange beliefs; this is because their walls always remain silent and therefore confer agreement.

  • When we surround ourselves with those that believe as we do, any falsehood can be accepted as true.

  • Never waste your words on those that have shown that they don’t believe you.

  • The easiest way to prevent a mind from becoming empty is to keep it open to whatever conflicts with what is already believed.

  • One of the least obvious advantages of living in a multicultural society, is that it makes it more difficult to assume that everything we believe is true.

  • Vigorous disputes over conflicting opinions are not the sounds of trouble but the sounds of freedom.

  • Words are sent containing one meaning that is then converted by the recipient into the inclination of the moment.

  • We can no more kill time than we can kill a river by watching it flow by.

  • Obligations aren’t chains that we can make and impose on another; rather, obligations are the chains that one makes and imposes on oneself.

  • Today, every adversity gives birth to a host of those that want to find someone to blame; how blaming anyone benefits anybody will always be one of life’s great mysteries.

  • Saving face is required only if the face is false; if the face is genuine, it will never need saving.

  • What we call progress is less a product of change as it is a product of definition.

  • Let what we discover within ourselves in quiet reflection become what we reveal at other times.

  • Any time we use the word “is” or a derivative word, it should still make sense if replaced by the word “exists”.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 118 of  131

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