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  • Be glad that there are non-normal people in the world; without them there could never be any progress; but instead there would be a continuation of todayís normal.

  • Appeasement is a terrible policy in dealing with anything that we fear, especially when it is a fear of something that canít harm, which is the case with most of our fears. Appeasement only increases fearís dominion over us.

  • Any darkness that may still lie within us can only be removed by our becoming a source of light; that light will never come from without.

  • Defying those that have overwhelming power over you is like fencing with an archer.

  • Our thoughts are the building blocks of what we are and will become; when the mortar of character is added between them, we become whole.

  • The things about us that are logical are only those things that humans have created; if we wish to think about those things, that man didnít create, we need to step outside of reason in order to discover that which didnít originate in reason.

  • If you believe that you canít do something you will be proven correct; if you believe that you can do something, you might be proven correct, and that is the entire reason to hold that belief.

  • Keeping one eye on your income and the other eye on your expenses sounds like a very serious medical condition.

  • Wisdom must be acted on to be genuine; to be only spoken is gold-plated brass.

  • Negligence of the feelings of another is to pierce a heart with a sorrow.

  • Perhaps time only seems to fly from us because it is we that flee from it.

  • Trying to correct the faults of another is like picking anotherís nose.

  • We are much more likely to blame bad-luck than give credit to good-luck.

  • Gambling, while deeply in debt, is like taking a bucket of coal to Hell.

  • In some of lifeís situations, it is wisest to keep our courage in our feet.

  • Expressing love, only because love will be shown in return, is just a form at bartering.

  • The criticism that we should most cultivate is the kind that is homegrown for our own consumption.

  • We live in the future that each of us carve out for ourselves; the biggest difference between us is that some have dull knives and hard futures and others sharp knives and soft futures.

  • Ignorance is the lack of knowledge; superstition is the presence of the knowledge of that which is either false or unverifiable. We find the first so discomforting that we readily choose the second even if it takes us further from that which is true.

  • To temper is to harden or strengthen something; when temper is lost, weakness follows; when we lose our temper, we disclose ourselves as weakening, not strengthening.

  • In writing, one often discovers that the fingers knew something before the brain did.

  • When we tell someone that if they do, or if they donít do something, that we will be hurt, then we are holding ourselves hostage in an effort to control another without regard to the needs of that person.

  • Were it not for the fear that women might actually be superior to men, men who had the power to suppress, would not have opposed a world where women could compete with men on an equal basis.

  • One should be tolerant even of anotherís intolerance for to show intolerance to intolerance is to set anotherís opinions into concrete.


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