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  • The footsteps of those that have gone before us are not found in the dust but in their words.

  • The future will not be the same as the past, but most of the ruts will be.

  • Some people give to others in much the same way that they give their teeth to a dentist.

  • It is not money, or the love of money, that is the root of all evil; it is, and always has and will be, fear. Even greed is born of the fear of possible deprivation.

  • Remember, it may be that the person that “turns the other cheek” is saintly, but it also may be that he is only waiting for you to turn your back.

  • A sawmill produces sawdust, but that is not its purpose; in much the same way, a wisely lived life produces happiness, although that also is not its purpose.

  • Ignorance is the most fertile ground for the growing of fears and superstitions.

  • In most cases, freedom is only a state of mind. One can be free with little wealth, and enslaved while having enormous wealth. Freedom is only the feeling of being unconstrained, a condition that is sadly prevented when fears and desires are allowed to develop without rational restraints. Without harnessing fears and desires, freedom is no more possible than if a person were enchained.

  • Many, who are guilty, feel no guilt; many who are not guilty are weighed down by guilt.

  • With insightful thoughts, as in giving birth, much must be done between conception and delivery.

  • No matter how intense our feelings are about our beliefs, we need to remember that countless millions have died for beliefs, that today, no one cares about and perhaps can’t even identify what they were.

  • Much loyalty comes and goes with one’s fortunes.

  • There are some that seem to live for no other purpose than to prevent the waste of an annuity.

  • Mankind is fortunate that we have a few that, like a lighted candle, are in the process of illuminating for others as it destroys itself.

  • Inflexibility is the worst of virtues.

  • What is there, within each of us, that causes us to be drawn towards anything deemed forbidden?

  • We would not have left the womb except by force; so yet today we still rebel when any force is applied against us.

  • One of the advantages that comes with the forgetfulness of ageing, is that one’s library can devolve finally into a book or two.

  • We tend to fear those that we want to forgive us.

  • It is said that we bear grudges because they are a heavy burden to carry.

  • Fraud is illegal except for the kind that we practice on ourselves.

  • Frustration is the occasional toll booth encountered on any road that leads to success or self-improvement.

  • To possess a fault is not a fault in itself, but to nurture a fault is the worst of faults.

  • There is only one surefire way to be called great, and that is to get your name changed to “Great”.

  • It is often impossible to distinguish between a genius and one that just relentlessly perseveres.

  • To many, their most unmovable objects are their own objections to change.


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Page 119 of  161

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