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  • The class struggle is only a symptom of the more basic struggle which is the struggle between ignorance and knowledge.

  • Average Americans tend to believe that they are exceptions to the law of averages.

  • Those that cast evolution aside because it is only a theory of how man evolved from a monkey have understood evolution about as much as those that proclaim to understand computers as being only machines that handle one and zeros.

  • We can learn something about how wisdom is perceived; we tend to impart wisdom to the owl and the cat because they tend to remain silent and move little; so probably it is also how others might perceive us if we abide likewise.

  • All those that claim that something is impossible are correct, but only if they explain by what means.

  • Our greatest threat lies not in new ideas; rather it is in our tendency to cling to ideas of the past that are inadequate to the problems of the present and the future.

  • Just because one has found something worth dying for doesnít equal the necessity of dying; it only means that something is worth devoting ones life to that also might incur dying.

  • The strength of our beliefs is shown by its ability to stand alone without needing to be supported by others that share the same beliefs.

  • It is easy to delude ourselves about our infallibility when we exercise no power to affect results.

  • More important than what we believe is the knowledge of what not to believe.

  • If silence indicates agreement, it is easy to see why those that live alone develop such strange believes; this is because their walls always remain silent and therefore confer agreement.

  • We donít have to know exactly what perfection is in order to move towards it. We need only know its direction

  • Education to many amounts to acquiring as much knowledge as possible to reinforce oneís preconceptions.

  • There are many that would be closer to the truth if they disbelieved all that they believe.

  • Those that have strong beliefs are generally looked up to while the doubters are scorned; however, it is the doubters that account for the progress.

  • A confession that resulted from duress is considered as inadmissible as an acceptable confession; however, a belief, that is the result of long social duress, is considered acceptable as a belief to be respected.

  • Pity those that look longingly back on their childhood as their happiest days.


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