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  • There are those that would love to commit murder, but only if licensed by their government and named “war”.

  • Those that marry men only for their money are just hookers with higher prices and more patience.

  • Those that marry someone with the intent of changing them will accomplish the task; unfortunately, the change won’t be what was intended.

  • Some are so protective of their ignorance that one might suppose that they believe that getting rid of any of it would require a smaller hat size.

  • Failure doesn’t establish the borders of what you can do; failure only establishes the borders of what you have done.

  • Whatever luck is supposed to be, it works best the less that you depend on it.

  • The decision to be above average is an indication that you already are for the simple reason that the average person will never make that decision because of believing that he already is.

  • Doubt first, and then proceed without doubt.

  • When we see someone doing something, with apparent disregard as to its danger, we may wonder if the person is courageous or foolish. Perhaps that person doesn’t know either, as many fools regard any dangerous act as an act of bravery.

  • Very often, a poor idea plus enthusiasm equals success; and a great idea without enthusiasm equals failure.

  • Judging others by appearances is like believing to know the contents of a gift before unwrapping.

  • Those that puff themselves up are in danger of appearing like a balloon. - bigger but of little substance.

  • The best way to keep a child’s curiosity from dying is to keep the child from being exposed to authority.

  • Like so many things, an inferiority complex can be claimed to be beneficial or harmful depending on what it produces.; if it causes the individual to give up, then it is harmful; however if it causes the individual to try harder, then it is beneficial.

  • Leaders are those that can appeal to the high aspirations within others, and then cause them to believe that the leader knows the way to their attainment.

  • Patience has a way of melting away most of what aggravates at the moment, and frustrates, to no end, those that intend to aggravate us.

  • It is easy to babble endlessly in ignorance, because the limits of ignorance are boundless; by contrast being limited to what is verifiable is confining because the universe of knowledge is so small by comparison.

  • We shouldn’t be consoled by the agreements of others, especially the agreements of most others.


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