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  • Hate flows only from our fears, and when that flow is long established, the erosion cuts a channel so deep that it is seldom breached.

  • Living in harmony with others is ideal; living in harmony within oneself is essential.

  • Wanting to possess that which was never earned is like wanting to harvest that which was never sown.

  • Haste often leads to waste, but it is also true, that waste often leads to even further haste.

  • There is no doubt but what a healthy outlook on life helps to determine the health of the body; the problem with some that know this is that they believe that only a healthy outlook can produce a healthy body.

  • Worse than those that listen but do not hear, are those that listen and then misunderstand.

  • We tend to regard others as hard-hearted when they use reason where we would use emotion.

  • In many cases it requires more bravery to remain different within a group, than it does to remain in a group that is marching into battle.

  • If foresight were as accurate as hindsight, we’d have little use for hindsight.

  • History is an excellent teacher; unfortunately, that teacher has few students.

  • Emancipation may have freed the body from slavery in America, but it did little to emancipate the brain that remains slave to custom, dogma, ritual, public opinion, style, and ignorance.

  • No one that grasps the true nature of mankind can help but be humble; pride and arrogance are spawned from the ignorance of our nature.

  • One indication that a person has character is refusing to tip for poor service in a restaurant where good service is expected.

  • It is strange how honesty is more practiced with others than it is with ourselves.

  • The most honorable among us are often never honored while the most dishonorable among us are frequently honored.

  • In modern life, we suffer from gluttony of the body and the starvation of our individuality and sense of purpose.

  • There are some, denying humor but expressing laughter, will laugh at the worst of tragedies.

  • It is well known, that hunger will make delicious, foods that were disliked before; now if only we could develop a hunger of the mind for those ways of looking at things that we found distasteful yesterday. Then understanding our differences would not be a problem.

  • Striking oil in a well is a curse when one is dying of thirst.

  • Grief is always custom made for its wearer, and can never be shared no matter how sincere the effort.

  • Probably everyone, that was ever called a hero for a courageous act, would confess that there were many other unimportant acts that required much greater bravery.

  • One test of character is the ability to examine one’s habits, and then be able to discard those habits that no longer serve our aspirations.

  • Happiness can be present, but not identified as such, if one believes that happiness is a constant state of euphoria rather than a pattern of life that has high and low points but is still very satisfying. The highs and lows are merely the tides of life that are found unequally within each of us.

  • A life, led without hardship, is a life incapable of understanding the vast majority of humanity.

  • Although it may seem perfectly natural to be attracted to a pretty or handsome face, one has to wonder why evolution would have placed such an inclination within us.

  • Our most tragic failures are often just the accumulation of many small failures.

  • We should always be faithful to ourselves, and if need be, appear faithful to the majority’s beliefs.

  • The most beautiful objects, and the most beautiful people, all lose their beauty when viewed through a microscope. Beauty, as well as many of our thoughts, requires overlooking most of the smallest details.

  • Whenever mankind sets about to compensate for anything, it invariably results in overcompensation.

  • There are some, having forgotten where they were going, increase their speed to compensate for the loss.

  • The desire to fit in is an epidemic of the mind.


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