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  • The main hope that we should have is that hope itself will always exist.

  • We seem smart and wise only because we compare ourselves to one another.

  • Paranoia is denial of the reality that others hardly ever notice us at all.

  • When another indicates that something is either good or bad, and you disagree, it is no different than if the other person said that they liked chocolate and you disagreed.

  • It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil; but if so, then the absence of money is the whole tree of malevolence.

  • One of our favorite delusions is that somehow everything makes sense even though any thoughtful analysis will show that nearly all of the most important things in life canít make sense.

  • One of the most, and perhaps the most, amazing things about humans is that they can learn to believe anything, even those things that are directly contradicted by observations; as far as we know, no other creature has acquired this remarkable ability.

  • Those that contend that absolute power corrupts absolutely fail to notice the even greater corruption that occurs when people feel powerless; the corruption then is greater but since they are powerless, their corruption goes largely unnoticed until it is vented against those with power.

  • Although it is true that honesty pays, it pays more slowly than dishonesty

  • Experience it is said is the best teacher; but not every experience is. The best teacher is a painful experience.

  • Expecting gratitude from a gift or an act makes them attempts at bartering.

  • For some strange reason our opinions of others tends to go up as they go down in their graves.

  • There are many things that exist that cannot be verified but there far more things that donít exist that are believed to exist.

  • Abstract words are words that have meaning only to the person that uses them, and perhaps not even then; abstract words are like jars in that they always have the same form but take on their importance by what we place within them.

  • Those that claim that allís fair in love and war may be correct, but only if they have read the rulebook that no one else has ever seen

  • The more that one concentrates efforts in one field, the greater the likelihood of great success; and because of this great success, delusions arise and tend to make that person feel wise in all fields.

  • There may be two sides to every story, but probably only one of them should be taken seriously.

  • When a society recognizes an obsession that it disapproves of it labels it an addiction. When a society recognizes an obsession that it approves of it labels it a virtue. When societies change, so do the labels.

  • The more emotional that we are about our beliefs, the less they tend to be supported by evidence.


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